End Family Status Discrimination

New Yorkers should not be punished at work just because they are parents. The Women’s Equality Agenda will level the playing field for the women of New York State by ensuring that mothers are treated fairly.

The “Motherhood Penalty” undermines New York families.

  • Discrimination against caregivers, especially mothers, exacerbates the existing gender wage gap. Mothers are less likely to be hired and are offered lower salaries than women without children (and fathers). Mothers earn 5 percent less per child than non-mothers even when statistically controlling for education, work experience and other variables.
  • Mothers and families in New York cannot afford this discrimination. More than 26 percent of households headed by women in New York live below the poverty level.

  • Protecting families through the Women’s Equality Agenda is good for New York.

    • Alaska and Washington, D.C. already protect parents from workplace discrimination. Connecticut law also prohibits employers from requesting information about an employee’s familial responsibilities or child-bearing plans. Federal employees are also protected from discrimination based on their status as a parent.
    • Localities in New York provide this protection for certain employees, such as Ithaca, Rye Brook and Westchester County.
    • New York State can be a leader on this issue and ensure that families are not penalized based on outdated stereotypes and workplace models. It will help our economy and make for better workers and caregivers.

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