Press Release: Concerned Clergy for Choice on Religious Opponents of Women’s Equality Agenda: “They don’t speak for us!”

March 19, 2013
Contact: Dianne L. Patterson, 518-727-2500

Concerned Clergy for Choice on Religious Opponents of Women’s Equality Agenda:
“They don’t speak for us!”

The following statement was released by Concerned Clergy for Choice, which supports the Women’s Equality Agenda:

As opponents of the Women’s Equality Agenda gather in Albany, Concerned Clergy for Choice calls attention to the wide religious support for protecting women at work, at home and when seeking health care.

Concerned Clergy for Choice urges the passage of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Women’s Equality Agenda, intended to strengthen protections for women. The Governor’s Agenda will promote pay equity for women, add protections for victims of sexual harassment, sex trafficking and domestic violence, stop discrimination when buying, renting or leasing a home, and protect reproductive health care decisions.

“These religious leaders have opposed women’s equality for centuries. Now they are coming to Albany to deliver the same tired, old message,” said Rabbi Dennis S. Ross, director of Concerned Clergy for Choice. “They don’t speak for us, and they don’t speak for the vast majority of New Yorkers.”

“We rejected their antiquated teaching many years ago. We want New Yorkers to know that a wide spectrum of clergy believe that God created men and women equal. And we want New Yorkers to seize the moment by joining Gov. Andrew Cuomo in leveling the playing field for women,” said Concerned Clergy for Choice Advisory Board member Rev. Tomi Jacobs-Ziobro.

Concerned Clergy for Choice is a multi-faith network of 1,000 religious leaders supporting women’s equality, separation of church and state, access to birth control and keeping abortion legal and safe. The network includes Baptist, Episcopal, Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian ministers and more, rabbis, imams, Roman Catholics and leaders of other faiths.

See the Women’s Equality Agenda clergy sign-on list here.