New York Women’s Equality Coalition Revitalizes Push for Equality Agenda


January 8, 2014
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New York Women’s Equality Coalition Revitalizes Push for Equality Agenda

Applauds Governor for Renewed Commitment to Advancing Women’s Equality 


Earlier this week, the New York Women’s Equality Coalition (NYWEC) reaffirmed its commitment to passing the full Women’s Equality Agenda into law in 2014, including all the provisions that will upgrade New York’s laws on abortion, domestic violence, human trafficking, and gender discrimination.

On behalf of the coalition, Christine Sadowski says, “We are thankful the Governor highlighted the Women’s Equality Act today, especially his acknowledgment that nothing changed for women in 2013. We are hopeful that working together with him, and all legislators, we can move towards greater equality for women in 2014.”

The coalition is enthusiastic about Governor Cuomo’s renewed commitment to advancing women’s equality and preserving women’s reproductive healthcare here in New York State, which he underscored in today’s State of the State address.  Eighty-nine percent of New York voters agreed that equal pay for women should be a high priority for state leaders, and  80% support updating New York’s abortion law.

The coalition, which includes the support of 860 women’s groups, businesses, religious organizations, medical groups, and advocacy organizations from across the state, is united in its efforts to mobilize New Yorkers and push legislators to get the job done in 2014. The measures of the Women’s Equality Agenda reflect the complexity of women’s lives–securing equal pay, access to reproductive health care, and freedom from discrimination and violence are all essential to women’s equality. New York State needs to update and strengthen its laws to reflect the reality of women’s lives today.

Toward this effort, the coalition launched a new statewide digital and grassroots campaign this past fall, unveiling a satiric two-minute video–Illegal or Just Sleazy–along with a new logo, a revamped website, and an online social media campaign calling for an upgrade to New York’s outmoded laws. NYWEC plans to build on the fall campaign and throw its full weight behind advancing women’s rights and making the Women’s Equality Agenda law.

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The NYWEC Steering Committee is comprised of the following organizations:
A Better Balance; AAUW-NYS; Family Planning Advocates of NYS; League of Women Voters NYS;  National Organization for Women – NYC; New York Civil Liberties Union, NYS AFL-CIO;
NYS Anti-Trafficking Coalition; NYS Coalition Against Domestic Violence;
NYWA/Equal Pay Coalition NYC; Planned Parenthood Advocates of NY;
Sanctuary for Families; YWCAs of New York State