Securing Equal Pay

Strengthening laws that require Equal Pay for Equal Work

  • Women in New York earn 84% of what men earn and jobs traditionally held by women pay significantly less than jobs predominantly employing men.

  • The wage gap is more severe for African-American and Hispanic women, who earn 79% and 64% of that earned by non-Hispanic men in NYS, respectively.

  • 61% of private sector employees in the United States report that they are discouraged or prohibited from discussing wage and salary information. If a woman does not know how much her male colleagues earn, it is extremely difficult to determine whether she is a victim of pay discrimination.

The Women’s Equality Act would:

1. Close a loophole in New York’s equal pay law that allows employers to justify paying female employees less

2. Outlaw workplace wage secrecy policies

3. Increase damages available to a prevailing litigant to 300% of unpaid wages