Press Release: Women’s Equality Coalition Statement on Attacks against Women’s Equality Agenda, Outrageous Mischaracterizations of Governor’s Plan


April 15, 2013
In Albany: Dianne L. Patterson – (518) 727-2500
In NYC: Jennifer Carnig – (212) 607-3363

Women’s Equality Coalition Statement on Attacks against Women’s Equality Agenda,
Outrageous Mischaracterizations of Governor’s Plan

Albany, NY — Opposition to women’s equality has come from a few fringe groups that are woefully out of step with the 80 percent of New Yorkers who support the Governor’s plan to ensure a woman can make her own private health care decisions regarding pregnancy. Incredibly, these same organizations oppose contraception and access to sex education for young people—the proven methods of preventing unintended pregnancy, which is the only real way to reduce the abortion rate. Preventing unintended pregnancies in New York calls for common sense solutions, not ideology and propaganda.

This vocal minority who opposes women’s equality grossly mischaracterizes Governor Cuomo’s position on the reproductive health provisions of his Women’s Equality Agenda. The Governor has been clear that he intends to simply align state law with existing federal law and state practice because current state law is outdated. The vast majority of New Yorkers who support the Women’s Equality Agenda are not fooled by their outrageous and misleading statements.

The Women’s Equality Agenda helps women and families.

    • The Women’s Equality Agenda is a solution for helping women. It promotes economic stability for women by making accommodations to help keep pregnant women on the job longer, and it promotes hiring, promotions and pay equity for women so they can better support themselves and their families. When women are economically empowered, they are more likely to plan their futures and their families.
    • Unintended pregnancy calls for common sense solutions like birth control, comprehensive sex education and the economic empowerment solutions of the Women’s Equality Agenda, not propaganda aimed at shaming women like these small fringe groups promote.

Gov. Cuomo has a strong history of policies that help women. We know that, so often, women forgo reproductive health care because they cannot afford it. However, Gov. Cuomo has put concrete solutions in place to increase access to family planning health care services, including prenatal care, postpartum care and access to birth control.

    • Thanks to Gov. Cuomo’s policies, following pregnancy, a woman covered by public health insurance is automatically covered for reproductive health care services, including contraception.
    • Gov. Cuomo has ensured access to a broad range of contraceptives for those who are enrolled in Medicaid Managed Care, as consistent use of a preferred method of contraception is most effective in preventing unintended pregnancy.
    • Gov. Cuomo has increased the number of health care settings in which women can secure prescription birth control.
    • Gov. Cuomo established expedited enrollment into the Medicaid Managed Care Program for a pregnant woman so she gets earlier prenatal care.

These are the ways we can help women in New York – not by eliminating their reproductive health care options.