Women’s Equality Coalition: Taking a Broader Approach in 2015


January 12, 2015 

Contact: Lauren Alexander, lalexander@nyclu.org, 678-508-5601

Women’s Equality Coalition: Taking a Broader Approach in 2015

The New York Women’s Equality Coalition supports the bills advanced today by the Senate and looks forward to addressing the remaining inequities in our state law. Members of the Coalition were in Albany today greeting newly sworn in lawmakers and talking with returning members about the need to prioritize legislation to advance women’s rights in New York State—asking them to put politics aside and pass laws that reflect the complex reality of women’s lives today.

More than 40 years ago the United States Supreme Court held that the right to control one’s reproductive health is central to fundamental liberties. Right now New York’s outdated laws mean that women in our state could potentially lose many of their current reproductive rights and freedoms. The actions taken by the Senate today – passing measures addressing discrimination, pay equity, and safety — were necessary steps. But the Women’s Equality Coalition will continue to fight for laws supporting a woman’s access to reproductive health care and the basic and essential rights all women deserve.

The women and families of New York will not tolerate a partisan numbers game when it comes to the rights and health of their loved ones. It is time our legislators stand up for women, promote equity, and eliminate discrimination.

Since 2013 the Women’s Equality Coalition has grown to encompass over 850 businesses and organizations across the state. Together the coalition has worked tirelessly to raise awareness about New York’s outdated laws that impede the fair and equitable treatment of women. For the past two years, New Yorkers statewide have expressed their support for the coalition and its fight to ensure New York’s 10 million mothers, sisters, daughters and wives are not held back by discrimination.

At public rallies, lobby visits, meetings, educational events and on social media New Yorkers have come together to raise the profile on barriers to equality that women face across the state in multiple facets of their lives. Our work is not over; the Women’s Equality Coalition will continue to stand with lawmakers who work to advance the rights of New York’s women and families.

The coalition looks forward to broadening its 2015 legislative platform to include paid family leave and access to childcare while renewing the focus on:

  • Anti-discrimination measures to ensure that women have equal access to housing and employment;
  • Securing reproductive rights to ensure access to comprehensive healthcare, bodily integrity, and the ability to set the course of one’s own life when making personal health decisions;
  • The fight for economic justice to ensure fair and equitable treatment in the workplace; and
  • Liberty and safety to secure freedom from violence.