Women’s Stories: Galit

61% of private sector workers are discouraged or prohibited from sharing their salaries–this means many employers are able to get away with paying women less than men for doing the same work, because women cannot find out about pay disparities.


I had an experience that started off really innocently, and really simply. My colleague and I were curious about what we had earned in bonus and it’s not something that’s typically shared, so it was a little different for us to be asking one another ‘What was your number?’ … But we decided to do it. And when we compared the number we learned that he had earned about $5,000 more than me…We were both really surprised because I felt that I was a very hard worker and came in early, stayed late didn’t go out for happy hour and socialize… And for me to earn less than him was just shocking, and I think he was also surprised…I think it’s important to have the opportunity to learn what your colleagues are earning relative to your salary.