13 Tips to Make a Woman Fall in Love with you

13 Tips to Make a Woman Fall in Love with you

It is a great feeling to like or love someone. But getting the same in return can be difficult for many of you. Especially when it is a woman, it becomes a little more challenging. It can be any woman, the one with whom you are studying at college, or your colleague, or it can be a woman from your neighborhood or the one with whom you travel to work every day.

Thinking about her all day, and feeling that she might also fall in love with you. But wait, is that all are going on in your mind only? Or have you thought of making a move to make her fall in love with you?

Some people even try different moves to make the woman fall in love with them. But there are only a few of them who get the response. And it is because you don’t know the right way to do so. But do not worry, as we are here to help you learn how to make a woman fall in love with you.

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13 Tips to make a woman fall in love

Do not worry about the first impression thing

Whether you are going to approach her for the first time. Or you already know her for a long time, but had a wrong impression on her. Do not worry about it at all. We know that ‘the first impression is the last impression,’ is still a thing. But most of the women these days know that at the first meeting every guy tries to impress them, and that is why they do not fall for it.

They prefer to know you well before making their mind. And even if you had a wrong impression on her before, you can always make a fresh start by showing her what you really are. But at the same time, we will also suggest you not to expect that she will fall in love with you the very first time only. Just stop being afraid about your first impression, because not making the first move will not help you in winning her love.

Be yourself

You may impress her by becoming the kind of person she likes, but you cannot be that person every day. So, stop being someone else, as it will not going to help you in the long run. If you have strong feelings for her and you really want her to love you back, then be yourself.

Show him the kind of person you are, instead of pretending to be some other person. Show him your gentleman’s side, your fun side, your caring side, and how good a person you are. When you are yourself, everything good about you will come out itself and you will not have to force things out or pretend to be nice.

Try to become a part of her circle

If you want to spend more time with her, want to impress her more, and want to know her better, the best you can do is to try becoming a part of her circle. However, do not force yourself to be a part of her circle, if she doesn’t want you to be. When we ask you to be a part of her circle, we mean that try to engage with her people, her friends, instead of just focusing on her.

If you are able to become friends with her people and keep them happy, you will definitely make her feel happy. Put genuine efforts to spend time with her and her circle, instead of disliking them or trying to keep her away from them. With the help of her friends, you will also be able to know more about her, which will help you in getting her love.

Have a good sense of humor

At present, most of the women look for a good sense of humor in every man. If you are able to make her laugh even during the toughest situations also, then you are certainly very close to winning her heart. A woman feels good when she knows that there is a person who is always there to make her laugh, no matter what the situation is.

In case, you are not quite good at doing so, do not worry, just try your best, and we are sure that you will be able to make her smile at least, if not laugh. Also, she will appreciate your efforts to make her laugh.

Do not lie

No one likes lies, be it a woman or a man. Especially when you are in love with a woman and want her to be in love with you, you cannot afford to start things with a lie. Whether it is about impressing her or about expressing your love, make sure that your intentions are true.

There is no need to make false promises to her, just because you want to win her heart. Honesty goes a long way, and if you are honest with her, she will appreciate it. But if you will pretend things just to get her attention or her love, it may remain there for some time, but not for a long time.

Make eye contact during communication

We all know that communication can solve even bigger problems. And here, it is about love, so there is nothing better than communicating. But when it comes to making her fall for you, you cannot afford to be a shy person, especially when communicating with her.

Women like confident men, who can look into her eyes and speak his heart out. It has always been taught to us that if you want any communication to be effective, then look into the other person’s eyes while talking to them. It will make them feel that you are confident and they will also know that you are honest with them. So, next time when you talk to your woman, do not forget to make eye contact with her.

Introduce her to your fun side

Being serious and tense will not help you at all in making her love you. But being fun can definitely make her like you. Who wants to date a serious man these days? The answer is ‘Nobody.’ Because we all need some fun in life along with the seriousness of calmness. And if you want to become her buddy, showing her your fun side is the best way to do so.

During a fun time, people feel free and comfortable and it makes them open easily with each other. So, she will be able to share her secrets, her desires with you comfortably. She will be herself during that time, and that is what will make your bond stronger with her. She will know that she has someone with whom she can be herself and can share all her secrets with.

Know her passions

We all are passionate about some of the other things. But do you know that our passion somewhere reflects our personality traits? Yes, our passion shows our hidden personality traits and our likings. So, knowing your woman’s passions will help you in understanding her in a better way. You will be able to discover the hidden personality traits of her. You will know what she dreams about or what she wants to become, how she wants her future to be, and other such things.

Seeing you taking an interest in her passion will make her feel happy as she will know that you respect and care about her dreams and her passions. Also, if possible, you can suggest her some ideas to fulfill her passion or can motivate her to follow her passion. All this will help her in trusting you and bringing her close to you.

Let her know, she is beautiful, both inside and out

We all have some insecurities related to our outer self, that how ugly we look, or how our face looks. Women are quite conscious about these things, but if you truly love her, you need to make her feel that she is beautiful both inside and out.

Even if she feels bad about her looks or is not confident about her body, you need to make her understand that there are people out there who genuinely feel how amazing and pretty she is. You need to make her feel confident by letting her know that everyone around her is happy to have her in their life.

When you are there with her during this phase, she will know that there is one hand she can always hold and there is one person whom she can always trust during such low times.

Make her feel happy about her existence

In other words, we will say that it makes her feel special about what she is. Appreciate your woman for what she is and how good she is in doing all that she has done to date. Let her know how important her presence is in your life. Let her know that you are lucky to share this beautiful bond with her.

Make her know that she is precious as a woman, as a person, and as a friend as well. But be genuine with your feelings, as this will help her know how much you care about her and how happy you are to be with her.

Always respect her privacy and her space

Remember that you are in love with her, and you are just trying to make her fall in love with you by your honest efforts. Just because you love her, or you are becoming a close friend of mine, does not give you any right to invade her privacy.

You cannot control her or her life or cannot force your love on her. It is good to make genuine efforts but make sure that you are not hurting her in any way. Do not do something that may make you lose her forever. Even if she shares her deepest secrets with you or spends most of her time with you, this does not give you any such right on her to make her love you forcefully.

Take her out for romantic dates

When it is about dates, men usually get nervous. So, don’t be nervous about such things. Plan the date according to her comfort. It can be a lunch date, a coffee date, or a dinner date. Do not overdo things on the date, just keep it simply plain and romantic, if you do not want to look too desperate to win her heart.

You can bring her favorite flowers or a gift or can go for a date in her favorite restaurant or coffee place. You can try wearing her favorite color, as all these small little things will make her feel that you notice what she likes and what not and you care about them.

Never be so late & neither be so quick

Well, you must be thinking that which one of them to follow, so our advice is to follow both of them. When we say never be late, we mean that once you have known her for a long time, and you both are now quite close, you should not delay anymore to express your feelings.

If you have some hints that she may now have fallen for you, it is the right time to win her heart. But when we say, don’t be so quick, we mean that be patient until you know her well. Do not just express your love in the first meeting, as she does not know you well by then, and her answer might be NO only. Take time and use all the above-mentioned tips to make her fall in love with you.

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At last, we will only say one thing, that love need not be forced; it should be genuine. The tips which we have shared with you above are to make her feel special and appreciated. But always remember our last tip in mind, because without knowing her, it is not at all right to express your love to her, as she also needs a chance to know you better.

Also, the above tips will only help you if you are genuinely in love with her and can express your true feelings to her.

However, we also suggest you respect her decision and her response, as we just mentioned in one of our tips also, that your right to love her does not give you any right to force her to love you.

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