5 Reasons Why Do Men Pull Away When They Like You

5 Reasons - Why Do Men Pull Away When They Like You

Can you tell me why men pull away? This is the most common question girls ask their friends and family. So why do men pull away? This has become a common trend in the 21st century of dating.

Men are finding it even harder to commit themselves to a woman. This is true due to the reason that many outside hindrances make it harder to commit. There are tons of women who are not authentic and not true to what they really are and what they want. “Once sex gets easier to get, love is harder to find.” This is true to some extent, and we’ll further discuss why it is so.

A step by step process is given in this post. It would help if you saw which step fits into your category. Men who pull away are always in a situation where they are playing in the field and playing with a woman’s emotion.

This causes instability right from the beginning. It is important to understand that not all men have the same intention for you. That is why it is important to love yourself and make sure that you are aligned with your goals while being in a relationship.

Here are the top 5 reasons why men pull away

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Reason 1 – They do not want to be in a relationship

A man who respects a woman and then tells you that he does not want to be in a relationship, then a woman should respect them for telling the truth, and they need to understand why they need to pull away. He could even answer you with the popular ” Let’s see where it goes,” you need to become cautious because that is not a committed answer. This answer is just to lure you away from the question and keep you for his pleasure and attention.

It is difficult to ask a man what he wants, but it also poses a challenge to get you close to your goal. If you are comfortable with this situation, then it will become easier for you. You need to pay attention to the subtle things he says, even jokingly. Like if he say’s ” I don’t want to get married” or “I don’t like relationships” or something similar to this. You need to know that this is him saying a NO, indirectly.

Reason 2 – Signs that he is a player and not a keeper

It is important for women to notice and understand Red flags. All women come across players. It’s not bad to have fun with a player. Rather it is important that when do you notice the Red Flags. Many women say that he was so into me initially, and then he just went away. The simple answer behind is that ” he wanted you so bad, after getting you, he was bored, so he went away.” These types of men are called “snakes.” They will call daily, text on an hourly basis, and tell you how beautiful you look till they get you. It’s like a bubble that keeps on growing for some time, and then it bursts, and all the excitement and so-called love is gone. Sometimes you might feel that you can’t even catch your breath, and you get excited seeing thinking that he’s so amazing.

Relationships Broke Up 1

Some basics questions to know if the man will pull away or not.

  1. The conversations that you have are of surface-level or in-depth conversations?
  2. Does he make plans and sees that it follows through consistently?

The things you tell him, does he remember them?

  1. Is he the hot and cold type and sometimes his phone goes off at night?
  2. Does he calls you at his house for sleepovers often, or does he properly court you?
  3. Does he stick to his words? Like when he says that let’s meet this Friday and actually shows up on that day.
  4. Check his social media accounts and see if he has lots of photos with other women? If he does have a lot of pictures with other women, that could mean two things. One is that he does not hide with who he is, and second is that he likes to have lots of women around him at a time.

Reason 3 – He might not be into you

This one might hit hard to you, but the simplest reason that a guy pulls away from you is the simple reason that is he just not into you. To hear this as a woman is hard to swallow as women value themselves highly, and nobody likes to blow their ego or reject them. Many times men would show signs of commitment, but they won’t commit to knowing the woman.

There are two reasons behind it. One is that they don’t have any feelings for you, and they don’t want to hurt your feelings. Second is that you fell in love quite easily, and they got lost in chasing their “prize.”

Here are some common examples when a man is not into you.

  1. They do not share their same vision of their future.
  2. They see that their values are different.
  3. They see that the woman is not inclined towards their goals and the requirements in a relationship.
Relationships Broke Up 2

Reason 4 – You fall in love too easily

A typical man sees a woman as their price, and they want to win them. For that, they need to work for it. They see the woman with them as an accomplishment that they worked hard for. This sounds silly and funny, but it is the truth. Men love those women who have the mind of their own, their own creativity, and confident women. Men tend to pull away when they feel that the woman is getting too clingy. You don’t need to start canceling all your plans just to see him. This is a sign of desperation. Be unavailable sometime and let the man chase you. They like chasing the woman they like. If you just give into them so easily, they won’t value that much and just pull off. Maintain your mystery and be unavailable from time to time.

Always bombarding with questions all day long is not a good sign; men get irritated due to it. You have your own life and not dependent on him. Being clingy causes men to step back and let you off. Never let him take you for granted because once that happens, you are done.

Reason 5 – Personal troubles

Many men do not want to be in a relationship due to their personal problems. This is also true in the case when the woman is beautiful and independent. A man generally pulls away when he is not financially stable. He does not want to put the woman in a situation where they have to suffer.

They want to be stable first and then go in for a relationship that might turn into a marriage. Another reason could be some health issues that he does not want the girl to know until he figures about it. In both cases, they do not want to jeopardize the woman’s life.

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