5 Signs a Guy Feels Rejected By You

5 Signs a Guy Feels Rejected By You

In general, when men get rejected by their girl, they don’t take it easy. Men usually take rejection very seriously and personally as an image of their identity. But, some take it easy and move on with no guilt. Men, you are successful in getting a rejection, don’t feel anything, and they don’t care much at all. However, it depends on two things when you reject a guy, the first thing is the stability of his mental status, and the second thing is the level of sincerity of his interest towards you.

Men face rejections very often, and it is common that they get rejected for various reasons, but when it comes to taking the rejection, each man reacts in a different way, and it is an exciting thing to observe. Why they face rejection often is because, in most cases, men make the first move. (5 Reasons Why Do Men Pull Away When They Like You)

If a guy feels rejected by you, then sometimes they will take it easy and move on. He might find another girl in just a matter of time. These guys do not actually care about your rejection. They feel that they just had a fling on that didn’t work as expected, and they don’t mind taking another.

Some guys don’t even know what rejection is. They assume that you are going to accept their proposal eventually at some point-of-time, so be careful of this type of guy when you reject him.

However, some men are unable to take rejection at all; they feel that it’s the end of the world. When a guy feels rejected by you, he may not handle the rejection properly; in some cases, the guy can even develop suicidal tendencies. So, when you reject a guy of this mentality, then make sure that you don’t hurt his feeling and convey it in a proper way.

Some men are very dramatic. They believe that they can never forget you, and also they will never let you forget him either. These men are real torture. They will not let go of the girl no matter how many times she rejects him. These men category never accepts rejection even after the girl gets married.

Signs a Guy Feels Rejected By You - A Sad Man

When a guy feels rejected by you, he might end up in a bar. These types feel that booze is the only solution to forget you. For that matter, they feel drinking is the solution to any of their problems. Some men get very emotional when they get rejected by a girl. He will cry and share with everyone and look for sympathy from the people around him. Never believe such a cry baby.

However, be careful when you reject the meanest guy. They will not care about anybody’s feelings except their own, and they don’t respect the girl and start talking and spreading rumors about the girl everywhere.

But, not all men are the same. Some innocent men feel hurt inside when they get rejected by their girl. They won’t say it out loud, and they try to be friends with their girl, which is the ideal way to handle the rejection. Be careful when you reject your guy with these qualities because it is rare to find such a noble person.

Here you can find some signs a guy feels rejected by you:

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When a guy feels rejected by you, the first thing is they go into the denial stage. Your guy rejects your rejection. Does he feel that how could you not like him back? He feels like he is a successful, reasonably hygienic, proficient sports person. You might need heavy excuses to reject this guy. You must convince him of the cool, warmth, and insouciance. However, sooner or later, he will realize the fact that he is in denial, and he will try to come out of it gradually.


Sometimes, when the guy comes out of denial, he will choose drinking as the solution to come out of your thoughts. He will start convincing himself by thinking that you are an idiot and don’t deserve him. He feels that you will miss him a lot and feel bad about rejecting him. He drinks a lot because he doesn’t like himself at the moment.

Getting in touch with friends with benefits (FWBs)

When the guy realizes that you have rejected him truly, then he goes to stage 3, where he will try to reach his old acquaintances and friends with benefits and get in touch with them. He tries to find comfort and console from FWBs. Also, extra signs of this stage include watching too many adult films.

The Big Life Change

When he comes into terms and understands that his life is not ended just with your rejection, and then he will start to realize there is much more to do, he knows that he needs to take one step at a time and move on. He invites the big life changes and accepts the challenges that life brings towards his journey. He will become a better person in the future.


Now, in this stage, he completely accepts the reality, and instead of brooding on what happened, he will try to start fresh and try to understand his drawbacks. There will be a lot of change in his lifestyle and attitude, and also he will be more respectful to other girls. Slowly, he will put his life back on track, and he will try to do stuff that makes him happy. True life goes on even if someone you love truly rejects you. For any kind of rejection acceptance in the best medicine, you should be ready to accept the rejection that occurs in your life.


When a guy feels rejected by you, he will definitely not have a good feeling. Rejections always make people feel bad at the moment, and it is the hardest and deepest fear for any individual. However, you might accept it and laugh it off at some point-of-time, maybe a week, a year, or a decade later. For any human being, even the tiniest rejections are hard to handle at first, but later on, they will learn to adjust their lifestyle and attitude accordingly. For some guys, it takes a lot of time to accept rejections, and for some, it doesn’t matter at all, and they try to move on quickly.

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