[6 Ways] How To Flirt With A Guy By Text

How To Flirt With A Guy By Text

Have you been tired of getting your relationship to the next level? Did you wonder what else you can do to make your guy flirt with you as you expected? Are you disappointed with his responses while flirting with him?

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How To Flirt With A Guy By Text

This article will help you to make the best 6 possible ways to text your guy and do effectively flirting with him to build a fun and exciting relationship.

Use emojis, smileys, and stickers

To make the conversations more realistic, you should use emojis while texting. The winking faces will make him feel that you are charismatic and you have some sense of humor. Using smileys and stickers will help him be more engaged in your conversation than any plain text will do. Usually, many girls use this tip, but sending the right emojis at the right time will make your game smooth and sweet. The truth is men love emojis. Make sure you are not sending inappropriate smiley faces while having a good conversation because it can make a negative impact also. Also, send him a picture and photo of you often. It may drive him crazy to chat with you in a fun and exciting way.

Send him flirty questions and texts

This tip will make your relationship to go one step further if you use it wisely. Here are a few flirty questions and texts that you can send to your crush and take him to the next level with you in your relationship.

  • “It was nice to have lunch with you. Maybe we should have lunch together often.”
  • “Maybe we could try something new together.”
  • “Maybe we should have coffee sometime.”
  • These texts mentioned above will work as a very good starter to ignite his temptation.
  • “Do I make you nervous?”
  • “What turns you on?”
  • “What turns you off?”
  • “What do you wear in bed?”
  • “Do you want to go out with me?”
  • “Have you ever had a dream about me?”
  • “Do I make you smile?”
  • “What is your favorite position?”
  • “What you value in a relationship?”
  • “What excites you?”
  • “Do you think you know what women want?”
  • “What if we go on a date together?”
  • These texts mentioned above will get you to the next level in flirting with him in a fun way.
  • “I had a great workout at the gym. Now, I am looking at the mirror, and I like what I am seeing.”
  • “Hey, stop thinking about me. I need to focus on.”

These texts mentioned above will help you to attain your ultimate goal of flirting. These texts will turn on him no matter what mood he is in at that moment.

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Ask him open-ended questions

If you are in a critical part of a relationship where you don’t know what is your place in his mind and heart. Then this tip will help you to get an answer to all your confusions if you want to see yourself from his point of view. Then, asking open-ended questions will get you there. It will keep him thinking about you whenever you ask any question. Suppose he is not doing so. Don’t make it a big deal, and play it cool.


  • “What kind of movies do you like?”
  • “Where do you want to go whenever you feel lonely?”
  • Avoid using,
  • “Do you like adventure or action movies?”
  • “Will you hear music whenever you feel lonely?”

Send him teasing texts

Generally, when you tease someone, it will create some tension in your texting. But to have a seductive talk, it is much necessary to make the conversation start with a conflict and then convey your thoughts more funnily. Saying everything straightforward does not tempt the guys. So avoid being super direct in texting. You must keep him engaged throughout the conversation.


  • “Oh, you are a Chelsea fan! That’s why we could never date.”
  • “Oh, you like playing RTS gaming! That’s why we could never date.”

Make sure you are sending these texts in a playful context. The prime purpose of sending this text is that you should introduce him to the idea of dating, subconsciously. Beware that it should not create a negative impact. Because if he opens up to you about his parent’s divorce and you say, “that’s why we could never date.” Then, consider yourself waiting for the ship to arrive at the railway platform.

Send him compliment texts

Send him a compliment text about his tweet or tell him about how you feel while reading his articles. Men love compliments, and they just look for appreciation from the right person at the right time. If you are the one who could give him a compliment when no one does, then you will be a winner in his heart forever. All he needs is a tip of compliment that makes him take further action to improve himself. This text may turn him to think about you whenever he posts his next articles.


  • “Your last article was awesome. I loved it. Keep writing more.”
  • “Hey! It was nice to see you talking about women empowerment in your last tweet.”

Send him challenging texts

Men usually like challenges. Just pick something he is good at. It may be singing, cracking bad dad jokes, writing poems, and playing chess, etc. Trust me, guys like being competitive and always ready to showcase their skills. Just tell him that you know he is good at doing certain kinds of stuff, and you challenge him with an instant task. Suppose he is in a good mood. He will love to impress you.


  • “You got first place in the puzzle-solving, right! Let us have a task now.”
  • “You secured first place in bad jokes, right! Let us put ourselves on a debate now.”


Don’t use all the tricks in one go. Flirting is a two-way process. You should flirt with him as well as make him flirt with you in return. Otherwise, there will be no fun in your relationship for both of you. We hope the tips and tricks discussed above will yield you the positive results that your heart deserves.

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