8 Secret Words to Make him Fall in Love with you

8 Secret Words to Make him Fall in Love with you

Whether you had your eyes for him for a while, are currently dating, or have been in a long term relationship and trying to rekindle the flame, effective communication is key. Sometimes, your boyfriend may simply need to be encouraged. In other cases, you want to reassure them that you’re the one. And in other cases, you may want to create some mystery.

But, you’d be surprised by how profoundly humans are moved by words. If you know the right triggers and what motivates men at their core, you could have them wrapped around your finger before they even realize what hit them.

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Effective Secret Words and Phrases

Here are a few secret words and phrases that you can use to win over that special someone.

1. Don’t Fall for Me

This is a perfect example of reverse psychology and one of the most effective secret words to make him fall in love with you. See, men have a gene in them that pushes them to “chase and conquer.” By telling them not to fall for you, you are actively encouraging them to pursue you. And you’ll get exactly the opposite of what you’ve asked; they will start obsessing about you. By constantly being aloof and pushing back, you’ll keep them coming back.

The opposite of this is telling them that you’re falling for them after a few dates. That is a surefire way to trigger red flags. As much as men are wired for the chase, they are also wary of people who get attached too early. So we strongly suggest that you wait for them to declare their love first, and only then can you return the favor.

2. You’ll Have to do More to Win Over a Girl Like Me

This is another way to trigger the hunter in him. Even if you’re feeling like you’re falling for them, make them work harder. Saying that he needs to do better will not only create some push and pull, but will also show how much they actually care. If they do, expect them to double down and start hearing about them a lot more.

3. I Cannot Imagine a World without You

This is one of those things that you should say only when you’ve been in a long time relationship with someone. After a while, you want to make them feel that this is serious. By telling them this, you are letting them know that you’re dedicated to them and that your relationship has hit a serious stage.

4. You Make Me Feel Safe

This is a great phrase to use if you feel like your man has lost some of their confidence. Men are by nature protectors, and if they feel like they’ve lost their edge and ability to provide and protect, they may start losing some of their passion and fire.

The best way to help them get their mojo back and becoming the warrior they are meant to be is to let them know how safe they make you feel. If you want the words to be even more effective, say it to them during or after a stressful situation.

5. I Have Your Back no Matter what

Another thing that men love is feeling supported in their decisions. By telling them that, not only are you showing them respect and support, but you’re actually allowing them to feel like they’re a leader. Men are looking for a helper, and knowing that you’ll always be there for them will do a lot to comfort them.

6. I’m Proud to be Your Wife/Girlfriend

This one can be very powerful when used the right way. But the important thing here is to get to know him and find out that special quality that makes him who he is. Maybe they are extremely generous. Or they are great at solving conflicts. Or great at finding solutions to very complicated issues.

One way you can say it would be, “I’m so proud of you, and I’m not surprised. From the beginning, I always knew you had the drive and determination to get what you want. That’s why I chose you.”

This right here is one of the best things you can say to a man and will show your appreciation for them. And you can expect them to start exhibiting these traits even more as a result.

7. Have you Been Hitting the Gym?

Men also love to be complimented for their appearance, and they want to feel desired. Just saying something like, “you’re beginning to get a nice six-pack here” or “have you been losing weight?” could be great ways to build their confidence back. It will also make them more comfortable whenever you’re intimate.

Insecurity is one of the main reasons why couples lose their passion and can dampen desire in a relationship. So make sure that you always give special attention to how they’re feeling and try to make them feel sexy if you want them to get their drive back.

8. I Love when You Do (…)

If you want to get a man to commit, one of the best things you can do is make them feel the emotions you’re getting from the strong attachment you have for them. Men love to know that they’re making you happy, and they like to know exactly why and how much.

So, whenever they do something you appreciate, let them know that it’s noticed and that you love them for it. Not only that, but this will also keep reinforcing this behavior.

This is also something that you can say when the two of you are getting intimate. You want to not only make him confident but instruct him by telling them what feels good. They will naturally continue doing it, and will also start focusing more on your needs as well.


All of these words can have a profound effect on the average man and will allow you to either get them to commit, spark their interest in the early stage, or get your relationship back on track. Make sure that you use these wisely and always find ways to make them feel appreciated when they need it.

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