Erin Nielsen’s Toned in Ten Review

Toned In Ten Review

Toned in Ten is the perfect program for those individuals who want to lose weight. This weight loss program helps the users to lose weight quickly and makes them feel better and beautiful. The Toned in Ten program teaches you how to use your time the best way to lose weight at the targeted places in your body like thighs, belly, etc. where the fat deposits forever. With this program, you can get rid of the extra fat and look young and beautiful.

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What is Toned In Ten Exactly?

It is a complete weight loss program that helps you lose weight from the entire body, including those stubborn parts of your body. Toned in Ten program is created to help you to change your long cardio workout sessions to small and short workouts that give you more efficient results. These short workout sessions are also called High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

High-intensity interval training/short workouts will help you improve your metabolism and also burn fat even after the workout session. Many kinds of researches and studies have been conducted and documented the benefits of high-intensity interval training workouts. The studies show that the HIIT workouts offer much better and faster results than the cardio workouts. This Toned in Ten program is even supported by scientific studies and research.

This program allures every individual who wants to lose weight, improve their physique, tone their body and obtain the best appearance in an effective way. In general, many people will have a few extra stubborn pounds around their waists that they want to get rid of quickly. This is happening to many people because of their lifestyle and working conditions. Also, unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercises are making people gain extra fat in their body.

Toned in Ten – Video Preview

Toned in Ten, this program was designed in 2014, and its creator claims that it is the best solution and it helps people lose belly fat quickly, and it eradicates cellulite and helps you get a slimmer yet stronger body. It can be achieved by any individual in just ten-minute workout session that you can do at your home comfortably. Also, Toned in Ten is the best nutrition guide that gives you easy instructions to burn excess fat and improve your metabolism.

Who is The Author of Toned In Ten?

Toned in Ten was created by Erin Nielsen, she is a certified psychotherapist, authorized Pilates instructor, and also a PBC (Primal Blueprint Certified) Expert, and fitness guru. She designed this program so that it can help several other individuals to reach their weight loss goals. This program can help you burn all the excess fat in your body and helps your body to eradicate the cellulite and helps you look young and slim. For Erin Nielsen, Toned in Ten was a personal journey that she wanted to share it with the other individuals globally. She is in this filed since 1998 and has been creating a custom program for people who want to enhance their wellness and health. Before designing this program, she tried a few things like diets, quick routines, and slow cardio workouts. With the inspiration of sprinters’ workouts, she integrated their training into her workout and created this HIIT.

Erin Nielsen learned a lot from Mark Sisson, the famous author of the Primal Health Blueprint. Nelsen says that she learned a lot of important lessons from Mark that help her understand and change her food habits and improve her skin, body composition, energy, and overall health. She is also the author of The Youth Method.

Toned In Ten Testimonial

A Testimonial of the Toned In Ten Program

What Toned In Ten Included?

Toned in Ten has got its name after the fact that it contains short ten-minute workouts that can help you lose belly fat, lose unwanted fat, and tone muscles. The main idea behind this program is that it is designed based on EPEOC (Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption) that is also called the afterburn effect. This program helps your body burn fat even after you finished your workouts. So, once you finish your workout session, then you can make your body continue to burn fat even when you are relaxing.

The creator of the program says that even if you run for hours on a treadmill or follow long cardio exercises, it will still never help you to obtain this afterburn effect. But, if you follow the activities that are most effective in obtaining the HIIT then you can see the required results in a very short time. This training involves a bunch of hard exercises that allows you to do it for just a few minutes per day. This training is harder and intense, but it takes a very short time.

The HIIT workouts allow you to burn the extra and stubborn fat in just ten minutes, after that you can relax the entire day. These workouts are smart, short, and efficient that is specifically designed for those people who want to get quick results and want to make most out of it in a shorter period. These workout sessions also eradicate the boredom that often makes you feel during the long cardio workout sessions. Also, these short, intense workouts help your body to release HGH (Human Growth Hormone) that can help your body burn fat faster and also provide an anti-aging effect.

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Pros & Cons of Toned In Ten Program


  • Affordable Program
  • No Gym membership or equipment required
  • Easy methods of personalizing exercises to be more challenging or easier
  • Only five days per week workout sessions
  • Only Ten minutes long workout sessions
  • Stretching is added every week
  • Easy-to-follow workout program and also allows you to customize it


  • You may need to take an energy supplement that can add more cost
  • The nutrition program does not give particular suggestions for dietary preferences and limitation
  • No community support yet

Conclusion: Is It A Scam?

Toned in Ten is just the right program if you are looking for quick, short and intense weight loss results. It is not a scam. Try this today, and you will see the quick weight loss results in just ten-minute workout sessions. This program offers a money back guarantee, if you did not like the program or if it does not work for you. So there is no risk involved to try this program today. For most people, Toned in Ten is the right solution to lose weight effectively and efficiently and reach their weight loss and fitness goals.

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