How To Get A Guy To Commit?

How To Get A Guy To Commit

Are you in a long-term relationship, but the other person’s commitment makes you suspicious? Is there any hope for you to find the happiness you deserve? You will find the answers to your questions in this article. It will help you to get back the happiness you deserved.

Don’t rush him up.

You know that you love him, and you want him to know about that, but you should proceed sensibly without messing up things. See, you cannot make him feel like what you do. All you can do is slowly create the idea of an eager want on his mind. For that time is necessary, you cannot simply put all your feelings onto him without knowing what your place in his heart is.

If you are not able to control your feelings for him, then expressing it at an inappropriate time will lead you to a lot of disappointments. People who are hanging out share all their belongings and feelings as well. Maybe they are just friends, but they will act like couples. It is common nowadays. But when it comes to the commitment, it depends upon mutual acceptance.

There is no compulsion that each other must commit to their relationship. Maybe the other person is not serious about the relationship as much as you did. Maybe he keeps you in the friend zone. The thing you need to do now is, stop expecting beyond your boundaries and behave in a normal way.

Stop thinking and talking about commitment.

Yes, you want him to commit to your relationship. But constantly talking about commitment will not get you better results if he is not at all having that thought already. It will complex the situation even more. Always thinking about commitment will create a lot of pressure on him that in turn develop frustration and it may lead him to avoid you. The more you talk and think about commitment, the more pressure it builds upon him. To some extent, it may cause him to ignore your texts and avoid speaking to you.

If you want him to know how much serious you want your relationship to be with him, then just explain it once and give him the space to think about it. Don’t rush up him to decide further. Your part is just to convey that you care about your relationship more, and you do that simply and effectively. The outcome is not in your hand.

Stop giving him everything he wants.

What will make him say yes to commitment in your relationship? If everything he needs is given to him all the time. There will be no such strong reason to switch his role when he is getting all he ever wanted. If you want him to know your expectations, you should let him know that first. Because being available for him all the time make you less important, and it does not force him to any commitment further.

Let us consider, he is calling you on a Saturday evening and asking you to come out with him for dinner. Instead of saying yes directly, try saying, “I know it would be nice to go out with you for dinner, but unfortunately, I have some work pending.” Learn to say no. It will also increase your value, and he will start assuming that you a high-value woman. You know what, men always crave high-value women. It is the best technique to make men needy and interested in you.

Is he worthy of your relationship?

Considered you were paying more attention to him, and you get ignored whenever you need him in the first place. If he constantly keeps avoiding you every time, then maybe you should reconsider your decision first. Because if a guy likes you but constantly ignoring you in front of others and showing him busy all the time when you need him to spend time with you.

It is not the right behavior you deserved. To be honest, real men know how to respect others and their time. They know how to deal with his girl when he is busy with others. Behavior says it all. Not all men who avoid you are fake, and not all men who spend time with you are real. You should decide whether you deserve such behavior just because you love him.

Change your mindset and keep things light.

Even though you get disappointed over his lack of commitment towards your relationship, you must not show him that you are disappointed because it may even hurt you more if he does not understand your emotions. So, to avoid further more disappointment, keep your mind calm and clear all the time. Even if he hurts you, don’t show him that you got hurt by his behavior. Better try to change the situation. If you can’t change the situation, then change your mindset. It is that simple. Whenever you are with him, make the moment funnier because he will start craving more when you are not with him. Whenever he needs fun, he will anticipate your arrival. Let him crave and want more from you.

Prioritize your needs and put yourself first.

Make a schedule for yourself and stick to it firmly. Do not fear to disappoint him. Give your passion priority. Say no to other commitments when it is overriding your passion or interest. Men do like women who pay more attention to their interests and passion rather than men. By putting time and effort into your passion, you will gain so much respect from others that makes you more special. It makes him feel special for having you with him.

If you are constantly chasing him and wasting time, then you will lose your value, respect, and time as well. If he asks you any favor, don’t do it right away. Always show him you have many important things going around you, and then offer him the favor. This tip will make him realize your true value.


Two things build commitment in a relationship, attractions, and investments.

Attractions are subjective, it may vary from person to person, and it is uncontrollable. But you can control your investments on others. You should learn to invest in people by knowing that they deserve your love and affection. You cannot control someone’s commitment directly, but you can make them invest more, and that will turn him to commit more into a relationship.

We hope this article gives you the necessary information you needed to make your guy commit to your relationship.

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