How to Get a Guy to Like You?

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If you are one among many girls who want to know how to get a guy to like you, then you should know how to be more appealing and interesting to attract the opposite sex. Yes, it is very common to feel confused, because most of the available information on this particular topic is extremely imprudent.

Most of the accessible online information misguides by telling you to play games, hide interest, or make the guy chase you. The truth is that it will be the biggest mistake you will make in your life if you follow such instructions. Also, it is not an efficient or long-term strategy to keep the relationship strong. Remember, don’t play hard or act cold and distant to the man that you are interested in, but maintain a little mystery around you to make the guy curious to know more about you.

Here is a significant thing to know about men that most men like to move toward what makes them feel good. If a guy feels good to be in your company, then he likes to be around you all the time.

You should remember that when you are trying to connect with the guy you like, be active and kind, it helps you well. But, if you choose to be an ice queen, then you are sure to remain lonely. It is the fundamental understanding that inspires the woman and helps them get the guy to like her.

Here you can find some of the best tips that help you get a guy to like you.

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Talk to your guy about his passions

Most men love to talk about their passion as they feel appreciated and perceived, so make sure to ask him about his passions. Try to avoid small talk and make him comfortable talking about him.

Ask about his passions, hobbies, and what he really likes to do during his spare time. Remember, don’t drop the conversation when he explains to you with examples. Instead, ask for more particulars about it, and honestly be curious. Men love to teach their women, especially if they have zero knowledge about a certain topic.

Once you understand him better, then you can ask more personal questions. Also, find out what makes your guy spark. Learn about his major goals in life and know what inspires him to do whatever he is doing every single day. Also, you should know that it is not very easy for men to open up quickly, it may take some time to feel completely comfortable telling about him, but he will surely get thrilled by your strong interest.

For most men, it is rare to feel like someone is giving their complete attention with earnestness. Guys will be infatuated with this unusual feeling and will always look forward to meeting you and talk with you.

Make Him Like You

Show your guy some appreciation for who he is

Showing appreciation to your guy makes him feel that you value him. Giving him accolades makes him feel honored and acknowledged. The major step is to know him precisely and observe the small things that he likes to do and makes him happy.

Once you understand these things about your guy, let him know that you really appreciate his ways of doing things and give him a clear picture of your feeling towards him. Also, cook his favorite meal that he likes from his childhood. If you are aware of some important days that matter to him, then make sure to wish him good luck on his important day.

Appreciation from women to their men makes them feel like they are heroes (hero instinct). Whatever small thing he will to do for you, say thanks to him and let him know why it matters to you the most.

Give him space

When it comes to commitment, men are not worried about it, but they are worried about losing their freedom. Most men believe that when they are committed to a relationship, then women will take advantage and try to control them when they want to do things on their way. So, remember, don’t try to control your guy. Give him space that is needed for him to do his things happily. Most importantly, don’t be a drama queen and make him feel guilty when he wants to do his own things.

A couple who are dependent too much on each other and cannot spend any time separately is surely not a healthy relationship. Give yourselves some time apart to unwind along to keep your relationship strong. If you feel that your guy needs space, then give it to him instantly, and if you need space, then just take it as it helps you unwind your anxieties.

Most men like to have guy time to spend time with their friends. Whenever he wants to have guy time doesn’t try to stop him; instead, consider it another opportunity to give him some space. When your guy is away from you, he will be mostly thinking about, so when you miss each other, love expands, and life gets more exciting.

Be happy

Men have different perspectives when it comes to being happy; each individual will have their own preferences and types. But, the fact is, every man wants to have a happy woman around him, remember, you are the sole responsible for your happiness.

Men can be a beautiful addition to a women’s life, but they are not the only source of your happiness. Also, ensure to provide all the contentment that is needed to yourself before you date a guy. Expecting your guy to make you happy all the time is unfair, and it will lead the relationship to nowhere. So be happy and keep the man happy.


This article might have helped you to understand clearly how to get a guy to like you, but there is more that you need to understand. In every relationship, there is one defining moment that decides if the relationship will endure or not. Both men and women will ask these questions at some point in their relationship, like, is this woman/men that they want to commit to? The answer will decide if the relationship is strong enough to commit, or they should end it. Well, it is not easy to satisfy the opposite sex, but you can try. Good Luck!!

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