How To Get Back With Your Boyfriend

How To Get Back With Your Boyfriend

Are you done with your relationship? Is he broke up with you? Did you fear that you can not replace him, or do you need him again in your life? In this article, you will learn how to respond to his breakup with you, and also, you will learn how to get back to him again in your life.

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No contact period

During and after the breakup, both of you will be going through a lot of negative emotions. With so much pain and depressions when you keep explaining your situation or condemning his behavior. It will lead the case even more complicated. All you have to do now is wait for your emotions to become neutral or positive. Simply cut off all your communications with him. Stop texting him. Stop calling him by phone for several months. Make him realize his mistakes by giving him some time to think.

It is recommended to have no contact period for at least one month. Depending upon the seriousness of the conflict and level of the breakup, you may extend it to three or four months also. You stop thinking about him and start focussing on your passion. Keep spending time with your friends and family. Be positive and share positive posts through social platforms.

By doing so, you are showing him that the breakup does not affect you that much as he expected. Because all he wants is to make you please and beg him for breaking up with you, but if you stop chasing and start minding your business, then he will start missing you. It is the prime purpose of this no-contact period. “Make him miss you

Reconnect him with a text

Once you both have attained a neutral and positive stage, then you may try contacting but not in person. Calling him directly is not a good move. Just text him first. Before you proceed further, you should know what he is up to after your breakup with him because people change over time. Maybe he was in a new relationship now, or maybe he is still waiting for your comeback.

You should figure out his state of mind first. While texting him, make sure that you have a valuable reason for texting him after a long time. Avoid texting like “hi, how are you?” Or “What’s up?” Or “I miss you” These kinds of texts are vulnerable and powerless.Also, it may spoil the purpose of your no-contact period.

How To Get Back With Your Boyfriend - Texting

Try to recollect some moment in the past that you both enjoyed together and add your new opinion with that. Bring something that you both enjoyed and have fun together so that he must reply to your text message. Consider texting like this, “Hey, I just went to the ice cream bar where we usually used to go. It seems they now have converted that bar into barbeque

Avoid Sending no-content texts

Consider the below simple conversation:

You: How was your day?
Him: It was nice.
You: Hope you have a good day.
Him: You too.
You: Hope you have a good night.
Him: same to you.

Have you figure out what is lagging in this conversation. Yes, the conversation itself is lagging. There is no content in this conversation. There is no excitement and fun in this conversation. He would choose to sleep instead of chatting with you like this.

The purpose of texting is to meet him in real life. You should make him feel excited whenever he receives your text. So avoid boring texts first. Nothing is interesting for him if you keep asking about his day all the time, allow him to talk about his day himself. This would provide you with more chance of finding more content to talk with him.

Have phone conversation

A week after texting him, now go for a phone call. Be sure enough to make it a purpose this time also. Now, when you are done with texting, he may be in a position to redefine and reconsider your relationship with him. You should use this opportunity wisely. Don’t just let it slip away from you. Start the conversation constructively and add some humor now and then.

Don’t speak out everything that is stuck in your mind. Show him that you are preoccupied but still want to talk. Start speaking slowly, steadily, and clearly. Make sure you are the one who ends the call if he does not pick up your call. Don’t be embarrassed and wait for his call. Even if he is not calling you for a few days, try calling him again only once. This time he will pick up your call. Now stick to the plan and execute well.

Plan for a meetup.

The next step after having a phone call is meeting him in person. Make a plan to meet him with friends. Yes, after months of breakup, you both must have changed a lot. You need acquaintances. Thus keeping friends with you will help you to manage that part very well. Have a positive face and don’t overreact to his conversations. Make your conversation simple and tight.

How To Get Back With Your Boyfriend - Meet up

Remember, it is not a date. Prepare a fun story to share in the group. Have a flirting glance at him less often. After these long days, both of you may have understood the cause of your breakup. So, don’t repeat that mistake once again. This time makes him invest more in the relationship. Let him drive you to your place. Let him take you to the shopping. Don’t wait for his texts, and keep yourself busy all the time. Make plans and go out with him at least once a week.

Remember, don’t be dependent and needy this time. Let him share the efforts with you to rebuild the relationship. Now that you know, mutual investing is very important in a relationship.


Misunderstandings and breakups in a relationship are a gateway to create a strong bond between each other. Don’t rush up with other’s timelines. Learn to enjoy the suffering, which is worth it for the person you love the most.

People say love hurts, but in real love is the only thing that never hurts. Your envy hurts, your loneliness hurts, your ego hurts, and your poor understanding hurts. We hope this article helps you get your boyfriend back. Make love and spread love. Then you will receive love.

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