How to Increase Leptin Receptors

How to Increase Leptin Receptors

Leptin is a hormone that helps the individual control their appetite. Leptin, the word comes from the Greek word “Leptos” which means “thin.” In the human body, the hormone is produced by the enterocytes in the small intestine and fat cells and transmits the signals to the human brain to tell how much they have in their fat reserves. Leptin manages your hunger, metabolism, and energy outflow.

Leptin released from fat cells in adipose tissue, and it signals to the hypothalamus area in the brain. The hormone does not affect the food that the individual consumes every meal, but it controls the food intake and regulates energy expenditure for the long term. Leptin offers intense effects when the hormone level falls and when you lose weight.

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How is Leptin Controlled?

As leptin produced through fat cells, and the leptin released is associated directly with the amount of body fat. That means, if the individual has more fat in his/her body, then the more leptin the body circulates in their blood. The leptin level increases, if the individual has more fat mass, and it decreases, if the individual has less fat mass.

How Does Leptin Help in Weight Management?

Leptin is mainly produced by the fat cell and the amount of body fat that the individual has directly connected to the fat in their body. When the person’s body is working properly, the fat cells will create leptin that activates the hypothalamus in the brain and signals it to control their appetite.

But, when the person gains weight, their body decreases the leptin levels, developing leptin resistance. People who are overweight contain higher leptin levels, but they do not get signals to their brains to control their appetite. That is why they gain more weight, and it gets more complicated to lose those extra pounds.

It is very crucial to sustain healthy leptin levels to think clearly, stay thin, and sustain a good mood. Every individual can maintain leptin levels by consuming a proper diet. If you are continuously conscious about calories and restricted to a less calorie diet, your leptin levels will decrease, causing a low metabolic rate. When your body has a low metabolism, then obviously it is not very easy to lose the accumulated body fat.

However, you should also know that too much leptin can also not good for your body. If you keep eating more food than what you need, then your body gets resistant to leptin. That means your body will fail to recognize when the fat levels are high in your body, and the leptin receptors get insensitive. Leptin resistance makes your body accumulate fat and doesn’t help you lose weight.

Diet Food

Here you can find some of the best methods that help you increase your Leptin Receptors:

Get enough fiber

You should increase your daily fiber intake by consuming food like legumes, whole grains, and oatmeal. Adding fiber in your diet helps you feel full for a longer time, and it sends the signals to your brain to release more leptin. The daily consumption of fiber can help you lose weight as well.

Also, studies prove that adding fiber to the diet enhances adiponectin levels around 115-percent. Also, fiber controls glucose levels and lessens the glycemic influence of meals (that means it controls the blood sugar levels after you eat) that increases insulin sensitivity. But, the impact on your hormonal balance and fat loss is really intense.

Avoid severe calorie control

You shouldn’t completely avoid calorie intake because if you do not get enough nutrients, your body will not respond properly, and it may disrupt the production of the hormone in your body. Also, your metabolism rate slows down; as well, the production of leptin reduces. For most individuals, weight loss is best for leptin production because healthy weight controls your hormones.

Reduce fructose intake

Fructose hinders your leptin receptors, particularly corn syrup that contains high-fructose. The major preceptors are processed foods as they contain inexpensive fructose that is often used in cookies, sodas, and various other sweet snacks. The simple way to reduce fructose in your diet is to consume whole foods that look like their natural state.

Eat difficult carbohydrates

Stop eating simple carbs like refined foods, processed foods, sugary foods, etc. These easy carb foods increase your insulin levels that cause insulin resistance and disorder the production of leptin in your body. Eating more complex carbs in your diet, including vegetables and fruits, can help your body produce enough leptin.

The complex carbohydrates are great sources of water and fiber, and eating these carbs will signal your brain that you are full, and help you control your appetite and control your calorie intake. You can as well include pasta, oats, quinoa, and a small portion of brown rice.

Take Omega-3

Take more of the essential fatty acid Omega-3 through eating more foods like sardines and salmon that contains omega-3 fatty acids or supplements. Essential fatty acid Omega-3 can increase leptin levels when you add it in your diet, and it also supports healthy inflammatory reactions. This supplement also enhances your body to leptin sensitivity and makes it more accessible.

Eat protein for breakfast

Adding protein in your breakfast can help your body not only get enough energy, but also makes you feel full, and also improve your leptin levels. Do not eat more cereals as most of these cereals contain lectin and hinders leptin receptors, and it hampers the ability of leptin to do its job.

Perform High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Doing high-intensity physical exercises for a short period will help your body release leptin hormone that increases the fat-burning process and controls leptin levels.

Get more sleep

Get enough sleep at least eight hours a day sleep is recommended for every individual. If you do not get enough sleep, your body will produce more ghrelin, which signals your brain that you are still hungry, and reduces leptin release. That is why it is important to get eight-hour sleep every day to stay healthy. According to the recent study, people who do not sleep enough produce 15-percent less leptin than those who had enough sleep.

Recommended Leptin for Weight Loss Programs

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Though you don’t hear much about leptin, it is a very crucial hormone that plays a significant role in your complete health, mainly with your energy expenditure, metabolism, and hunger pangs. Maintaining your leptin levels can help you maintain a fit body for a longer period by controlling your appetite.

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