How to Lose Stubborn Body Fat

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Losing stubborn body fat is not an easy process, particularly the fat stored in the abdomen is insoluble. No matter what kind of diet and exercise you follow, it feels impossible to burn belly fat. The popular author and NASM-certified personal trainer Chris Divecchio says that it is particularly impossible to tell one particular part of your body to hasten fast metabolism.

The Department of Nutrition & Food at George Mason University and Associate Professor of Health, Behavior & Society at JH (Johns Hopkins) University Lawrence Cheskin says that you should aim to lose stubborn belly fat because it is the most hideous part to store fat. He says belly fat is also called visceral fat, stubborn abdominal fat that encloses your organs and goes through the bloodstream more often. It also raises the fat content in your blood, increasing the blood sugar levels, causing type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Many people face several health issues due to this stubborn body fat, and they want to know how to lose this stubborn body fat. The answer is that it is not very simple, and you need to find the right approach and diet plan.

According to Chris Gagliardi, an authorized personal trainer at the ACE (American Council on Exercise), you should concentrate more on losing fat from all parts of the body and find a well-rounded approach to lose stubborn body fat.

The major part of weight loss is just to know what decisions you are making. For instance, when you are in family get-togethers or outing with your friends, then you may not notice how much you are eating. But, if you are aware of the fact, then you are sure to have control and you can able to course correct. Chris Gagliardi says that the planning and the awareness might give you the benefit of relishing comfort foods.

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Check Your Calorie Intake

According to professor Gagliardi, the best and most fundamental method of weight loss is that you can burn more calories than what you consume. For example, if you have consumed around 3,500 calories, which is equal to 1-pound of fat, you should burn more calories than what you consumed to get rid of the stubborn body fat. If you can burn 500 more calories per day in a week, then you can lose one pound in a week. He also says that if you cannot exercise every day, you can consider a more comprehensive method.

Eat more fiber

Doctors and Nutritionists say that foods rich in sugar and refined carbs do not control your hunger, which means you will eat more than what your body is required. Instead, if you eat more fiber-based foods like oats, grain bread, fruits, vegetables, legumes, chia seeds, and beans, they fill-up your tummy and fiber content foods slow your digestion process makes you feel full for longer hours.

How to Lose Stubborn Body Fat Fiber

The study conducted by AIM (Annals of Internal Medicine) in 2015 shows that for people who find it difficult to follow a strict diet, streamlining the weight loss method by simply increasing fiber consumption helps them lose weight quickly. According to the recent U.S. Dietary Guidelines, women should consume a minimum of 25gms of fiber per day (as per the2000 calorie diet plan).

Walk every day

Gagliardi says that if you do not follow a particular exercise routine, then walking is the best basic method that you can do every day. A study published in the journal of EN&B (Exercise Nutrition & Biochemistry) shows that the overweight women who participated in 50 to 70-minutes three days walking program for 12-weeks have shed their belly fat significantly compared to a sedentary group of people.

The professor also says that even if you walk for a minute as a starting point, it is surely more than what you have been doing. While trying to lose weight, people make one of the biggest mistakes that they choose to do heavy workout regimes, and they get tired too quickly and easily. He says to start with slow workout sessions instead of overdoing it and giving up quickly. The best way to start your exercise is by walking 10minutes after dinner, and gradually increase the time once you get comfortable. And also, commitment is very important if you want to lose stubborn fat safely and healthily.

Start Strength Training

Health professionals say that it is essential to do complete-body strength training if you are trying to lose belly fat and trying to control it for a long period. You should include strength training in your exercise plan because strength training not only helps you lose belly fat but also helps you build muscle converting body fat. The metabolic activity of muscle will continue to burn calories after every workout session, reducing overall body fat. Also, when you build muscle, the metabolic rate gets faster, and you will don’t need to worry about the diet, says health professionals.

How to Lose Stubborn Body Fat Exercise

Best Complete –Body Exercises

Professor Gagliardi says for complete-body exercises, start lifting weights at least two days a week and gradually increase the days. He says you should think that you are exercising to support your enduring goals. For instance, if you want to do particular movements, such as bench press or deadlift, and continue doing more exercises. In simple terms, it is something like you want to enhance your daily activities, like lifting groceries easily.


If you are trying to lose stubborn body fat, then the best thing that you should do is consume healthy fats. The right kind of diet and eating habits can help your body burn fat quickly and easily. Adding healthy fats, like polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, can make you feel satisfied and helps you control your hunger pangs. You can also try the CarboFix which is an all-natural formula that helps you reduce belly fat, controls weight gain, and reduces intense cravings and hunger.

The spokesperson for the AND (Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics), Yasi Ansari, says that the healthy fats that are found in foods like nuts, olive oil, fatty fish, avocados, and eggs can help you increase satiety and offers a range of health benefits when you consume in moderation.

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