How To Make Him Fall In Love With You Forever?

How To Make Him Fall In Love With You Forever Cover

How do you think your love is conveyed? They are not conveyed through your thoughts or feelings, but what you do to make things right for the person you love the most. An important thing to remember is that love is not about crossing some finishing line; it is a journey of a lifetime. The love with you grows and evolves with the time that can be everlasting, only if it cared much.

It is important to know how to create an environment of love around you and how your love can flourish. It will help you stand the test of time and also when the going gets rough. As a couple, you guys will grow stronger to face any weather or any storm and tackle whatever blockage comes into your way. It is said that love conquers all, but it conquers only when the right steps are taken. Only then your love is capable of conquering anything that comes in its way.

To help you get there, you will see some specific actions that need to be taken through this post to make sure that your love lasts, and it remains strong. Once you find your love, these secret tips will help you make him stay forever with you. But you don’t need to wait till you find your love because these can be used even before that. If you know these secrets, you can teach these in your life, and you see its benefits, and it will help you find the perfect guy for you.

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Choose Wisely

The person you chose is your own decision, which determines whether your relationship will work or fail. You should choose a compatible guy who wants the same type of relationship as you who’s a positive guy and know what he wants. Not some wishy-washy guy who doesn’t know about his future goals. If his thoughts are fluctuating all the time like, one day he’ll say that he wants to be in a relationship, and the next day he goes away or maybe disappear for a week or so, then selecting him as a life partner is not a good idea.

If you’re ready for a committed relationship, then chose a guy that is ready for commitment. He has to has the same ideas and future values as you have. How well do you fit together? Do you guys enjoy being with each other? Can you guys tolerate each other for more than 2-3 days straight together? Do you guys argue healthily, and you have your own opinions that both of you respect? Do you agree at some points or just tear at each other and don’t talk for days and then come back again? Do you guys argue over the same thing again and again?

It’s important to know how well do you work together as a team? That is what a relationship is all about, Teamwork! You cannot continue it from one side. Both of you need to support each other.

Choose Wisely

Don’t Force Him

If you have been chasing a guy for a long time and you have been in an on and off relationship for a while, then maybe he’s not the perfect person for you. You cannot force love. Read that again. You could do a million things to make him happy, and it even makes him happy for some time, but after a while, that fades away if he doesn’t love you from the bottom of his heart. If you need to spend a lot of your energy to make him do things or getting him up, it simply won’t work. Forcefulness never works! If a guy understands even your small hints and acts upon it without hesitation, then he is the one. It should be natural to both of you and easy.

It should not be like something that needs to be worked upon a lot, and you have to “manage” the flow of your relationship. How long do you expect to chase him? Till you force him to marry you? And then get divorced within 6 months or a year max. Another thing is, you should not always try to prove your worth to him and need to ask for his attention all the time. Everybody likes attention, but that should have a limit. It should never feel like you are the one who is dependent on him and not the same way around. You should not try to win him over and over again. Sure, if you made some mistakes and you have sincerely apologized for it, and you know in your heart that you won’t repeat it, then he should accept you.

Be The Corner In His Life

The guy should always feel safe when you are in his corner. He should reveal his true self when he is with you. He should feel like the man he really is and also the man the wants to be. You need to accept and appreciate him to the fullest for revealing his true self-nature to you. He should feel that you believe in him, you fully support him, and you admire him too. You are his partner; he can turn to you for anything without any hesitation; he can tell you anything. You can assess it if he tells you all about the problems of his life. If he is hiding his problems from you and only sharing his success, it means that he doesn’t trust you enough to talk about his problems.

Be the corner in his life

Love Him In Ways In Which He Wants To Be Loved

I am sure that you must’ve heard about the five “Love Languages“. If you haven’t, then they are love through physical touch, acts of service, gift-giving, spending quality time, and words of affirmation. He may show you his love through any of these five languages, but you might not like it, and the same can happen with him as well. People have different ideas about love and the ways they want to accept it. The key is to understand what type they love the most. The above five are the general types through which you can understand your guy’s type of language. What you can do is to try all the five and see in which he gets the happiest. You can also keep changing the type and show your love in different ways. If he still doesn’t love how you are doing, then maybe he is not just the guy for you. You need to look for another man to express your love.

Another way to figure it out is the way with which he communicates his love to you. Maybe he’s constantly giving you small gifts and no appreciation or words of affirmation. Maybe his way to show love is through gifts. If a guy is not rich enough to buy you gifts, so instead he does acts of service for you from time to time like help you with technical computer issues or maybe spend hours with you completing your project.

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