How To Make Your Husband Want You All The Time

How To Make Your Husband Want You All The Time

It’s an awful feeling for a woman to admit that her husband has lost interest in her. Many women just jump to the conclusion that sex is unsatisfying, and that is the main reason for this up word temperament. However, sex is not the sole reason for men getting away from their wives for non-sexual reasons too. This is a myth that needs to be busted that only sex can be the sole reason for happiness in the marriage.

Here are some of the major reasons why a husband might lose interest in their wives

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Being a Diva

If the wife is controlling, negative, and always nagging, it is obvious that the husband will lose interest in her wife. The wife might think that she is not controlling her husband but doing it subconsciously. For example, does a wife always need to ask where her husband is going? This makes a negative impact on the mind of the husband. Every person has their own space, and other people need to respect it. Throwing tantrums and anger is fine for a wife, but doing it often can make the man feel irritated. It’s hard for a man to feel desire for a person who constantly throws tantrums and feels like he is always walking on eggshells. It’s better to self-evaluate and ask yourself, “who would want to live with me”?

Being a Doormat

This is another perspective in a relationship. In the above point, we talked about being dominant and bossy all the time. It is also necessary not to let your husband take advantage of your husband every time. You do not need to agree with him all the time. You can make your own disagreements and show your concerns. No one ever likes a pushover, and this can also make your husband lose interest in you. Women need to check on your husband once a while. They should also feel that their wife is not just a dumb who agrees to everything they have to say. Most men, like dominant women, feel that they can share their problems and worries with them.

You’re just a mom

No need to get offended, being a mom is great who cares only about her children and is focused on growing them and giving them a good life. This also has a downside that can be controlled. Being only identified as a mother centric woman can make your husband lose interest in you. It’s because the only purpose of her life is now her children and nothing else.

She stops being a wife and a friend for her husband. The intimate connection between a wife and a husband is lost amid the wife becoming only a mother. It’s fine to miss a Saturday soccer game of your son or miss a recitation of your daughter in the school, given the fact that you are spending that alone time with your husband. You could enjoy a romantic gateway with your wife and spend the rest of the evening in a beautiful restaurant. A healthy couple-centered marriage will keep the spark alive, and you will enjoy your marriage, and the family will live on. If you have a lock in your bedroom door, then you need to use it from time to time.

Don’t ignore your husband’s complaint

Your husband should never be ignored for the complaints that he makes about the marriage or about you. If he complains about you spending too much money or using the phone too much and not paying attention to other things? Whether you are ignoring the children and not doing a good job to take care of them? Instead of getting irritated and defensive, ask yourself whether the things told you to hold any merit or not? It’s obvious that you have your complaints about him too, but that doesn’t mean that you just reject his complaints. Before the distance between the two of you increases, you need to figure out the deep-rooted reasons. If you listen to your husband’s problems and needs, then maybe your husband won’t think that much worse of you. Communication is the key to a good married life. It should always be two ways. You need to make sure that you’re not just the one listening, or you’re not just the one saying.

Dont ignore your husbands complaint

You don’t love yourself enough

What is making you unhappy? What is the reason behind all your stress? You need to take hold of your life and make things right. You can’t just leave everything to chance. If you are a person like this, the chances are that your husband is seeking love from you, but you are not able to give him that. If you’re depressed and sadly most of the time, he can’t come to you for any help. You need to take better care of yourself, emotionally and physically. You need to increase your energy and match with that of your partners. The partners who “have it together” are the most fun, and their bond is strong than any other couple. Talks like, “he’s not interested in me anymore” or “He’s acting weird nowadays” do not surface.

You’ve stopped appreciating

Remember when you had just married, and you used to thank your husband for every little effort of his. Do you still do it? Try to remember when was the last time you say thank you? When did you appreciate your husband for being a great dad and a good husband? Maybe if you start doing these, you’ll get him to love you again the way he used to. Fixing your marriage instead of making excuses need to be done. You need to start appreciating your husband for the little things. The little things make a big difference.

No Romance

Another big reason behind your husband getting away from you might be the fact that the romance is gone. You guys don’t go out on dates like you used to. You might make candlelight dinner, but your husband might not like it.

Be Romantic

Start thinking out of the box. Surprise him! Maybe send your kids to one of your relative’s houses and get the whole house for you guys for the whole day. Snuck with him in the bed, watch a movie he likes, or make romantic gestures for him. Make him want you. Buy things that he likes or used to like but doesn’t have the time to follow them anymore. Maybe he likes the NBA. Maybe you could buy tickets for him for an NBA match and go with him. Spice up your life with sex. Maybe you want to try out some different things with sex. Maybe dress up sexy for him and do all sorts of sexy things just for him, which makes him want you. Use sex toys, lubricants, or maybe new positions to do whatever to turn him on. If your sex life is good, then believe everything else will start to fall in place properly with time. Your bland life will start to bloom again.

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