How To Text A Guy To Get Him Chasing You

How To Text A Guy To Get Him Chasing You

In today’s world, texting plays a major role in relationships. Relationships are made and broken through this medium quite a lot. Dating starts through texting. This has become the mode of main communication for almost every human.

A text can make a guy wanting you in one second, and a wrong text can make him go away. Women who have eyes on a guy and want to get to that guy needs to be very careful in texting. Just a single text can make him think about you for the whole day.

You want your authentic self to come out of texts and not some phony girl whose different in texting and different in the real world. You don’t want that. The problem with texting is that a lot is lost in translation, and you may appear to someone completely different even though you had no intention of doing so.

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Types of Texts to Avoid Sending to a Guy

Here are some of the types of texts that you do not want to send a guy:

Anything related to “Hey what’s up”

This is the most boring message in the history of boring messages! This doesn’t stir anything, and the guy might just say, “Nothing”, “not much, you?” A guy would like a purpose to talk; he just does not want idle chats. It’s quite boring.

You don’t need to tell him about your details of your life

Many of the women complain that men do not reply to their texts. Men get bored listening to your mundane problems. If he asks you what you are doing, then, if you reply that “just sat down watching a movie” He’ll say, ok, cool? He might not even know that you are eager for his reply and that he should ask what you are doing. He might just presume that you are busy and won’t disturb you. It would be different if you would say “In the mood for a good movie” these types of texts would keep the conversation going.

Don’t text him to complain

It’s fine to vent your anger sometimes, and your worries need to be heard by someone close to you. It doesn’t mean that you should text him or call him just to complain all the time. He might be at work, or maybe he’s busy, messaging him about your complaints all the time won’t make him chase you. Men like a narrow range of emotions, and they do not want to go beyond happy and content.

Too many emojis is a big ‘no’

Always sending lol or a laughing emoji after every text kills the conversation. The guy might start thinking that you are not taking him seriously. He won’t be able to know your mood if you text LOL after every single text. Too many emojis and these types of lols and stuff might make him think that you are crazy or something. Also, be sure to check the auto-correct because that can change an innocent into something that you didn’t want to send in the first place.

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Texting to get him

It is also important to point out that it is not important about what you say but what your intentions are. If you want to feed him with your needy aspect, then he would respond to you in that way if he understands it. If you’ve dropped enough hints and with his response, you feel ok, then it’s all good, but if he doesn’t, you’ll feel into an endless pit of despair.

Desperation and Needy are different – If you’ve texted him, you don’t need to obsessively check your phone from time to time to see whether he has responded or not. Live your life! He might be busy with his friends or family. It might even be that he has seen your message but doesn’t know what to say. If he replies after 5 minutes, it doesn’t mean that you should reply right away. It also doesn’t mean that you should reply after 15 minutes or something. Reply to the text when you feel it is reasonable to reply. If you reply right after his message, then it would seem like you don’t have a life, and you’re on your phone all the time. It also doesn’t mean that you start replying late to him. Guys know when you are doing this and turn them off. Keep the rhythm changing. Don’t keep a standard time to reply.

A man likes a busy woman in her life, and he needs to enter that space by fighting for it. If you reply after two days, it won’t make him aroused, it would make him annoyed, and he’ll probably start looking for other fishes in the pond.

9 Texts To Get Him Chasing You

Here are the 9 types of text to get him chasing you

A funny text

Humor is the greatest way to bond with a guy, and men love humorous, lighthearted, and woman. You could send a funny text, sharp and lighthearted. You can use humor from time to time, but you also want to connect in the real level and leave room for flirting and to know each other better.

A seductive text

Many women are afraid of showing interest to men, but showing interest to men is not a bad thing. A seductive text will make a man feel interested in you. If you pose a boring question to the guy, that might turn him off. Asking him what you are doing is a boring question. Asking him what he likes in a woman and what he expects in a woman is a way of showing interest.

An Upbeat text

Men love happy and confident women. Men always like to move towards something positive and something that feels good. If being around you makes him feel good, then he’ll be want to be around you. If texting you make him feel good, he’ll continue to text you. It’s good to send him some upbeat or positive message. If he asks you what you are doing, don’t tell him about the list of things that went wrong in your whole day? You could say that you had a rough day, but everything went positive ahead.

The Visual

Men like to visualize everything they see and hear. If you tell him something about yourself, he will start to visualize it, which can go a long way. Some lines like ” I’m drenched in sweat, I need to take a shower! Talk to you later. He will imagine something erotic, definitely no doubt about it. He will go to lengths to think about your “Shower.”

Flirty Text

This needs to be done at all costs. You need to flirt with him.

Interesting Questions

Ask your boyfriend or man an interesting question that interests him or things he is interested in.

Give Compliment

Compliment your guy as much as you can. If he changes his DP, tell him that.

Appreciate Him

You need to appreciate your guy for the things he does for you. Even if he is not your guy, you need to appreciate him.

Text First

Texting first does not mean that you are letting down your pride or something. Guys like that girl’s text first. They feel the importance.

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