How To Text A Guy To Keep Him Interested

Is he spending time more with you and speaking smoothly, but not having a charismatic chat with you bothers you? Do you want him more interested while texting? This article will give you some clear insights into what he expects from you and what mistakes you should ignore to keep him interested while texting.

How To Text A Guy To Keep Him Interested

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Avoid using “hi”; instead, use a nice opener.

If you always start your conversation with a “hi” it would never make him much excited to talk with you. Instead, use a nice opener that should make him feel like he must reply to your text.

“It was nice listening to your favorite album.”

This text will help you to make an impact on his desires; thus, he will start thinking about you whenever he listens to his favorite songs.

Respond only when it is convenient for you.

I have seen many girls who can’t be able to hold their urgency to reply to their loved one’s text messages. In the end, they got hurt for doing so.

This habit will get you nowhere if you are looking for a long-term relationship. Because if you reply as soon as you receive texts from him, he will think you have nothing serious to do above him. Also, if you reply quickly, you may respond negatively without understanding the context.

Give yourself some time to think about how to respond and try to understand what the message means to you. Respond to his text messages only when it is convenient for you.

See texting as a tool, not a totality.

Texting has to do only two things in reality. It should facilitate the logistics of seeing your crush for the next meetups and build the anticipation for that next meeting with him. But many people shared everything in the chat itself and left nothing to discuss while meeting in person. This is not a good way to build a strong relationship. Suppose you keep the priority for texting rather than spending time in person. Then there is no hope for you to build an everlasting relationship with him. Because it becomes even more passive. You don’t have to spend your entire relationship to exist online with him. Save something for dating in the real world. Don’t give everything and tell all about yourself in the chat itself. Texting is just a tool to leverage your communication. It is not the core of your relationship.

Show him you have a life outside him.

He may be everything to you, but if you show him that you love him more than anything in this world. Then he could resist you to stay out of his world. You must create your world first and drag him into your world and see whether he fits you or not. Have some passion for yourself. Spend time with your friends and family. Text him about your articles, speeches, and voluntary activities, etc. Show him that you have a life. You are not dependent. He should realize that first. Always balance sharing experiences about each other’s achievements and failures. Because you also have a life, you also need to be successful in your life. You, too, have ups and downs while running towards your goals. Show him some of your activities through texts.

Try to remain positive all the time.

It is very hard to accept the fact that you got hurt by his behavior. But you know what is worse? You explained to him that you got hurt, and he refuses to understand your pain. It will break your heart for sure. Instead of expressing the emotions to him, try to control your Insecurities, feelings, and emotions.

Everyone deserves to be understood in any relationship. You should not allow him to treat you hard and make you feel low. It should not make him realize that you are weak and dependent. The pain and hurt that you are going through should not go in vain. You should get a valuable outcome for all the sufferings you had. To do so, you must text him positively even though he disappoints you in the first place. Because if you keep sending him positive thoughts and messages. Then he will feel positive whenever he receives your text. This is the best way to make him more interested in you.

Avoid sending Good morning texts all the time.

It may be cute and sweet to send good morning texts to your boyfriend, but if you are not sure that he feels the same way you had feelings for him, this will become a very big blunder. Because the very first thing you think about in the morning is him, and maybe it will drive you even more crazy about him. Also, it will develop a thought on his mind that you are interested in him which will lead him to pay less attention to you further. Let him chase you. Pay close attention to how to craft your text messages. Be matured enough to text him with few but simple and sweet texts.

Let him initiate and let him lead.

This seems counter-intuitive, but it may lead him to think that you are always thinking about him if you always initiate the conversation. He might lose respect for you, and you will lose your value. Usually, men like hunting. They want to do everything on their own. If he constantly responds to your texts and answers your questions, there will be no curiosity for him to explore. You must let him initiate the talk first. You must allow him to lead the conversation. In that way, you will keep him engaged in the conversation. This will also let him ask you new questions, and he will be curious too about you further.


Men will have mood swings rapidly as women do. Getting attracted and being interested in someone is an easy task. Craving someone to pay attention to you and making him interested in your relationship will need much effort. Using the wrong tool to operate an instrument will get you nowhere. Hope this article helps you to get your guy interested in you with your texts.

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