Life after a Long Term Relationship

Ending a long-term relationship is very difficult, and life after a long-term relationship is never easy, especially it gets harder if love still exists.  When a long-term relationship ends, many individuals feel like it is the end of the world, and they feel the real pain.  Indeed, the level of desolation goes deep when the couple decides to end their relationship.

Most people built their life around their loved ones thinking that they are going to live with them forever, and then one day, they suddenly realize that they are not going to be with them, which makes them feel that life is not real anymore. Some emotional individuals feel dead inside when their relationship ends. It could even make them depressed when it comes to absorbing the painful truth.

Though ending the long term relationship is painful and heart-breaking, it does make you feel like the end of the world, but the great news is that the suffering and pain does not last forever. You can easily move on with your life if you follow the right direction, and you can still find real love again in your life.

The study published in the Journal of PP (Positive Psychology) shows that it takes just eleven weeks for an individual to feel better after their long-term relationship ends.  But, in other study shows that for some people, it takes around eighteen months to move on after long term relationship ends.  In fact, heartbreak is a devastating process, and everyone will express their feelings differently.

Love is a confusing emotion, and every relationship comes with their feelings and memories, and everyone will have a unique experience when they end their relationship. According to relationship professionals, the individual should follow a few steps that can help them get over someone after the long-term relationship.

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Take time to grieve when the long-term relationship ends

It truly helps, especially for those individuals who are very emotional, and breakup can devastate them mentally and emotionally.  Believing that you are going to stay with them forever and suddenly, when the separation happens, it makes it impossibly difficult to imagine your life without your long-term partner. However, you should know that it is a new beginning, and it is important to move and comes to terms with the new reality.  Accept the situation and get hold of your emotions and try to move on to fresh beginnings in your life instead of grieving for the things that will never patch up.

Take time to reflect on the relationship and try to understand your feelings instead of suppressing them, let all your emotions out as it is essential to the healing process.  When you reflect on your relationship, you will try to figure out what went wrong in your relationship as it helps you understand what you can expect and what you want in your future relationship.

Start All Over Again

After a long-term relationship, life must go on, so it’s time to start all over again.  You may have to start everything from the beginning.  Breakups and changes in life provide an opportunity to take control of the situation and allow you to expect better possibilities in the future.  Many people, after ending the long-term relationship, start thing about the situations that lead to the breakup again and again, and they start thinking that if they have done differently or reacted differently, but that doesn’t help them change anything in the present situation. That is why it is important to forget the past and start all over again for a better future.

Be positive about the future

Life after a long-term relationship is hard and devastating; that is why it is very crucial to stay positive.  If you keep thinking about the past relationship and the loss, then you will not focus on your future. Therefore, it is important to support yourself and start thinking positively about your future; it is the time to dream for a happy and brighter future.  This might be the time for you to consider about chasing your dreams, never consider yourself as a loser in both career and love.  Also, ending a long-term relationship might be good for you as you meant to have a better future. So, be positive about the future and be excited about it.

Reconnect with yourself

Life after a long-term relationship allows you just to think about “you.” When you are in a relationship, you will focus mainly on “We,” but after a breakup, you can just think about yourself and do what you like to do the most.   Many people think that it is not the right approach, but my friend, this is what you should do. The end of the relationship allows you to reconnect with you that includes pursuing your dreams, reuniting with your old friends, taking up a new hobby, etc. Try to do things that please you the most and make yourself feel good. Take out the time for yourself and do the thing that missed out, don’t rush to have a new relationship, give some time for you, reconnect with yourself, and then plan for the future.

Keep yourself busy with productive things

Make sure to keep yourself busy after ending a long-term relationship instead of being sad and depressed.  Come out of your shell and home and get hold of your emotions by doing things that you want to do and pursue your dreams. Encourage yourself by focusing your thoughts and energy on your work and do productive things.

Don’t be anxious to ask for help

Ending a relationship with the person that you think you will spend the rest of life is not a very easy decision, and many people don’t want to discuss their personal life with others. Also, not many individuals decide to end the relationship at that moment.  When this situation occurs, one of the partners is usually shocked or surprised, and the grieving process extends. Along with this shock feelings, rejection can be clear when a partner ends the long-term relationship suddenly, then ask for help don’t be scared or anxious.


Life after long-term relationships need not be so devastating, and life must go on no matter how hard it is going to be. You should never think of quitting life, and it should never be the option.  You just need to stay positive and pursue your dream. Every wound will eventually heal; you just need to give some time and get stronger to build a better future.

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