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Rebel Wilson is formally known as Rebel Melanie Elizabeth Wilson. She is a popular Australian actress, writer, comedian, and producer. She graduated from ATYP (Australian Theatre for Young People) in the year 2003 and started appearing in the SBS (Special Broadcasting Service) as Toula. Also, she appeared next in “The Wedge”, a sketch comedy series.

She came to the United States to show her talent in Hollywood. She became popular with the blockbuster movie Bridesmaids made in the year 2011 she acted as a roommate for Kristen Wiig. The film Pitch Perfect made her a bigger star and was popularly known as Fat Amy.

If you are among the many Instagram followers of Rebel Wilson, you might be aware of this year’s weight loss resolutions of Rebel Wilson. She declared that 2020 is her “Year of Health,” She has been updating every detail of her weight loss process by posting her fitness routine, goals, and diet on her Instagram handle.

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Rebel Wilson’s weight loss process is completely successful; in fact, she is crushing it. The actress shared with her Instagram followers in May that her major goal was to reduce 165-pounds by the end of the year. She said to her followers that she is honest with them about ‘Year of Health’ mission, and she said she would try to maintain 75kgs, and when it comes to her career, she said, she will get one of her movies into production before the year-end. She also mentioned that both these target goals need a regular effort, and she is finding constant setbacks, but still, she is working very hard to achieve her goals.

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Rebel Wilson fitness and nutrition routine in 2020

Rebel Wilson primarily lost weight in 2019 while shooting Cats. The actress said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight in December that she lost around eight-pounds during the shooting in just four days. However, according to the CDC recommendation, if you are trying to lose weight, you should lose 1 to2lbs in a week; it is recommended for a safe weight loss process.

Wilson explained to her followers how she lost while shooting Cats. She said to ET that the set was put up for the film was heated up; it was almost 100°F. She said that the team of the Cats are the best dancers in the entire world, and they cannot afford an injury or cool their muscles as they can be removed from the film.

Rebel Wilson avoided sugar and junk food

The 39-year-old actress wanted to endure her weight loss process into 2020 and stated the year as her ‘Year of Health’ in early January. She shared three pictures on her Instagram on January 2, and the photos reveal that the actress walking on the beach, and she showed her fans how she changed her lifestyle and what all she is planning to make it work, like avoiding junk food and sugar and filling up more water. She also prompted her fans by asking, “Who is with me in making positive changes.”

Rebel Wilson works out in the gym most days of the week

Jono Castano Acero, the trainer of the actress, shares a video in January that shows the actress working very hard in the gym with a pair of ropes. In the post, he mentioned that the actress is putting hard work 7-days a week, and he said he is a very pound of her. The video reveals that the actress grabs the ropes and slams them down continuously, which helps her tone up her arms and covers cardio exercises.

Rebel Wilson gets her steps in every day

Her trainer Acero said in an interview that the actress is very committed to her routine that includes daily cardio, whether it is walking or running. He added that he supports all his clients to do extra cardio work out during the day to keep going. He also told the outlet a tip to use a phone or watch to count steps and target for 10,000 steps per day. He says that if you have completed 9,000 steps at 10 pm, make sure to finish the count before going to bed.

Wilson uses TRX to build coordination and strength

Her trainer said that a regular circuit the actress does in the gym includes battle rope slams, assault bikes, and TRX squats. Acero said that he makes her use TRX as it motivates on using gravity and body weight as resistance to build balance, coordination, strength, joint stability, core, and flexibility.

Rebel Wilson also concentrates on her core with dead bugs and a standing bandit trunk rotation with a medicine ball that her trainer says they are the safe, effective, and best way to stabilize and strengthen the spine, core, and back muscles.

Even with some challenges, the actress is committed to reaching her weight loss and fitness goals in 2020. She wrote on her Instagram page that even if you are going slowly in reaching your goals, you keep going, and she said it would be worth it.

She also said that try and give a bit more effort each day, and she said some days are very bad and frustrating and make you feel like giving up when you see slow progress, but she added good things would be coming up on your way if you keep moving.

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