Soul Manifestation 2.0 Review

Soul Manifestation Review

Soul Manifestation 2.0 is a program that contains personalized Soul Readings & Coaching that allows the individuals to live in configuration with their Soul Path. The advanced NLP sound frequencies and guided meditations allow the brain to eliminate harmful patterns and overcome them with positive fresh profusion scripts.

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What is Soul Manifestation?

Soul Manifestation is a 3-week program that connects the sound-waves directly with your subconscious. This magical program combines 2000-year-old astrology ancient secrets. Through this program, you are authorized to be the individual that you are actually meant to be and accomplish your mission by controlling your Soul Path. It is also the first system that has combined the Guided Meditation with encouraging Sound-wave technology to magnify your reality and craft the life that you want to have in just 10-mins a day.

Soul Manifestation Cover

Soul Manifestation program offers personalized soul reading that exposes the path that your soul is at present. The program also discloses the difficulties that block you from continuing your soul’s journey and the available opportunities that support your journey in your life. The program is personalized as per your birth to authorize you to find your soul path, expose your divine potential, and conquer past trauma.

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How Does The Soul Manifestation 2.0 Work?

The Soul Manifestation program allows you to manifest anything that you want in your life. The program helps you get the power to connect to this powerful sound-wave technology and helps you endure your Soul Path. The program is divided into three weeks, and it includes:

  • PSP (Personal Soul Path) Report
  • VHSC (Vibrant Health Soul Code)
  • Material Abundance Soul Code
  • Love & Romance Soul Code
  • Daily GVM (Guided Vibrational Meditation)
  • Inner Child Work & Rediscovery
  • Alpha & Theta Wave Stimulation
  • Guide to Visualization Mastery
  • A step-by-step guide to building your Dream Life
  • Soul Sleep Restoration – Bonus#1
  • Soul Affirmations – Bonus #2
  • Magical Signs & Numbers handbook – Bonus#3
  • Melt Away Stress – Bonus#4
  • The Flow State – Bonus#5
  • Purify & Cleanse –Bonus#6
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
Soul Manifestation Packages

1st Week

The program allows you to begin your journey through your PSP (Personalized Soul Path) Report to find your divine persistence for incarnating in this period. Further, you will start getting into your subconscious mind using both Guided Meditation and Vibrational Phenomenon.

The system goes deep into your subconscious mind using Alpha & Theta wave stimulus straight from verified research. Also, you will start learning the art of visualization, allowing your mind to see and craft the life that you wanted to live. There is no waiting period to reach your soul path, and you are sure to see the results on the first day of the program. The Alpha & Theta wave accelerated in your brain will increase the healing process, calmness, focus, and quick changes deep inside your brain.

2nd Week

In the 2nd week, you will learn to empower and re-discover yourself. The program goes deep into your subconscious belief system and past memories and exposes the stress and pain that you been carrying with you for a longer time. Through this program, you can eradicate your juvenile trauma patterns to remove all the pain that held you back and help you build a new life.

3rd Week

In 3rd week, the magical and eternal transformation begins. The program helps you build your dream life with intense detail, building a life story that links you with the Soul Path that allows you to achieve your life purpose with full of joy and happiness. It takes just 10-mins a day to directly achieve this powerful transformation with the Vibrational Frequencies verified that bonds us to the Manifestation Frequency of the Universe.

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Science Behind

In childhood years between 0 and 7-years, every individual spends most of their time in alpha & theta brainwave cycles, and the person will be in the same state during meditation or hypnosis. In these childhood years, the individual will, from their beliefs, understand themselves and others.

Most of these formed beliefs remain cataleptic throughout their lives and frequently show up in their behavior, goals, achievements, their choice of friends, and choice of romantic partners. The relationship and things you get attracted to are often connected to the time stored in your memories from your childhood experiences.

Luckily, you can remove these restricting subconscious beliefs and patterns without removing the memories that took a vital part of your childhood. The Theta waves erase the negativity, including your childhood trauma patterns stored in your brain. Also, it eliminates the self-esteem issues that you have been struggling with the entire life.

Over forty thousand studies have been conducted on brain reprogramming available on the National Library of Medicine Website, and around 13,000 studies mainly focus on brain reprogramming using meditation and frequency tracks techniques. Also, it is proven that 90-percent of these studies are successful, including the studies conducted at Stanford, Harvard, and by the US Military. This proves that your childhood distress healing process is just stimulating the brain to refurbish itself to remove dangerous beliefs that have been regulating your actions on a subconscious level throughout your life.

Theta-wave frequencies measures between 4 and 7 cycles per second and are dominant in kids aged between two and six. Children functioning in Theta-wave frequencies are connected more to their inside world. These kids live in the daydreaming, land of imagination, and cannot display acute rational thinking. At this age, children learn very fast, and they are open to suggestions, and Theta-wave frequency, children accept what you tell them as true. Also, people in hypnosis, as well as, animals behave the same way in this frequency.

Alpha-waves become dominant between ages five and eight with eight to thirteen cycles per second. This is when children develop an analytical mind, and they start to interpret and come to conclusions quickly from their surroundings. For these children, the inner world of imagination seems to as real as the external world of reality. The children of this age group seem to live in both inner and outer worlds, and they use both right and left brain hemispheres at the same time. Mostly, people who are in a light trance or meditate are in this alpha-wave frequency that is relaxed and peaceful, but they are prepared with inspiration and strong ideas.

If you evaluate the scientific study behind it, you will understand that how strongly these frequencies affect human brainwaves. These alpha and theta frequencies are called vibrations, which means the back-and-forth periodic motion of the particles of a medium or an elastic body that occurs when any physical system is moved from its stable condition and allowed to react that incline to restore stability.

The concept is not anything new from any other physics theory that rules the universe. Yet David Chalmers, a philosopher, mentioned in his 1996 book “The Conscious Mind: In Search of Fundamental Theory” that the hard issue of consciousness is the very foundation. His paper sets out to analyze the “Mind-body problem.”

All substance is just vibrations of different fundamental fields, which further proves that all the nature vibrates. But, a stimulating thing occurs when two different vibrating substances come together. When different vibrating things come near, they start to vibrate together at the same regularity. They just “sync up.”

If you notice clearly, different types of vibrations produce different effects. For instance, if you take a small black cardboard piece and place it on a speaker, and sprinkle some sand, baking soda, or salt on the piece and press play. Now, you can see the incredible effects of vibrations through a procedure called cymatics, and some of these sounds create large shapes, but some create beautiful and complex designs that will captivate your senses and attract you like a magnet. Higher frequencies and vibrations generate these particular patterns. Dr. Marsaru Emoto says that it is the best experiment ever made to prove. He understood the power of words and their meaning and how they directly connected with the vibrations they produce.

In this large and vast ever-expanding universe, vibration occurs at every level. Every individual understands their applicability according to their thoughts, lives, meditation, processes, and manifestations. Good results occur when your subconscious and conscious mind work together to craft the life that you wanted to live. However, you should know that attracting profusion in your life needs the full power of your brain. Soul Manifestation 2.0 is the only verified way to obtain the complete benefit of the Law of Attraction and Manifestation.


The Soul Manifestation 2.0 program is one of the best programs that deliver results. The program guarantees you to experience a powerful transformation from the first session itself or even in the first few minutes. Soul Manifestation helped many people to live their life like the way they wanted to live.

The best part of the program is that you are guaranteed to get 60-day money-back if you are not happy with the program. If you want to bring a change in your life then try Soul Manifestation 2.0, you are sure to bring changes in your Soul Path.

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