The Devotion System Review

The Devotion System Review

The Devotion System is a program designed by Amy North. The program offers several tricks and tips for endearing over your male dream. Now, you don’t need to struggle to impress a man, and you don’t need to be scared to take the first step as women. The Devotion Program offers the basic approach and helps you get what you want without any hesitation. The program is dived into various factors, and each aspect teaches you something different and new.

The aspects include Body Language, Love Refreshment, Love Methodology, Mind Virus, Cat string concept, Inner Marilyn, Love Buzz mindset. These methods are thoroughly researched and found the psychological loopholes in both female and male minds. The program helps you get your man’s attention and also enhance his care towards you each and every day.

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What Is The Devotion System?

Every individual wants to lead a happy life, and they want to live happily ever after. Love is generally considered as a heavenly feeling and when you meet someone that makes your heart and stomach flutter, which means you really like that person and you want to focus more on getting him into your life. The Devotion System is created to help women who want to get their dream partner and upgrade their love life.

The Devotion System is a three-part series online course designed by Amy North; she did thorough research on each aspect and designed the system. This program is very informative and contains various techniques and topics that can help you enhance your relationship and improve yourself. The author shares her own insights and strategies that make the man obsessed with you. By the end of the program, you will understand how to confine the love of your life.

The main goal of this program is to help all women who want to capture their man despite their experiences and looks. The program supports women to learn various dating techniques and methods of strengthening their relationship. The system will make you understand where you are going wrong in your love life, and it helps you correct your ways and improve your relationship.

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Who Is The Author of The Devotion System?

Amy North is the author of The Devotion System, and she is also a relationship coach from Vancouver, Canada. Amy North did his graduation in Social Psychology, and she has more than five years of experience as a relationship and dating coach. She also did quite a few dating seminars and courses, and also she is one of the best-selling authors in Canada.

The author believes that love is a heavenly and vibrant all-time process, and it requires complete dedication and hard work to survive. The author’s main aim is to help every woman in the world to manage and grow with love. Amy North made her Zeal as her career and created this incredible The Devotion System. She also writes articles regularly for different publications and also posts on her blog.

What is The Devotion System Included?

The Devotion System offers a lot of unique aspects, and each segment will help women understand and learn something useful and new techniques to attract the man that they worship. The program helps the women to strengthen their existing relationship and help them to have an enduring relationship with the man that they love more than anything.

This program is divided into three parts. Each part covers everything in detail, and once you finish the course, then you will be all set to begin a beautiful relationship and keep a romantic journey continue in every phase of your life.

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Part 1: Letting Go and Moving

The first important step is that you should let go of the past and move on. In spite of what happened in your past, you must learn to let it go. Through The Devotion System, you will learn how to process your feelings and emotions appropriately.

This part helps you improve and strengthen yourself and your relationship. It enables you to understand why self-value is very important. Once you learn to love yourself, then your confidence level increases and it shows in everything you do. Concentrating on improving yourself makes you enticing to men.

Part 2: Men 101

Part 2 of The Devotion System focuses mainly towards the inner mechanism of men. It is all about considering everything you need to know about the men, including the tradition surrounding them.

This part helps you understand the mind of your man, and you will learn what makes them move away, and what makes them take action. You can take proper action only when you understand your man better.

Part 3: The Stages of Love

This part mainly focuses on developing a lasting and healthy relationship. Here you will understand different types of men as well you will learn about the kind of woman you are. The FAT (Forever Attraction Tactic) talk about the commitment of chemistry, and the subject mainly focuses on natural hormones. It also includes how to secure your man when the love triggers. Making your man feel secure and safe is crucial.

As the relationship improves and the love blooms, then you will also understand the sexual aspects. The best thing about this program is that you will know if this man of your life truly loves you or not and he is the one for you.

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Pros & Cons of The Devotion System


  • The Devotion System offers several benefits
  • The program comes with a sixty-day money back guarantee. The program allows you to try it for two months and if you are not happy with the course, you can get a complete refund.
  • This program helps you find the man that you love the most and also help you understand yourself what you really want.
  • The program is designed not just for a single woman but also to the women who are already in a relationship. It helps them learn how to endure their relationship long and strong.
  • The program offers bonus books that help you understand men better


  • The Devotion system is perfect, but it also contains drawbacks.
  • The course is available only in digital format. You cannot find it in any bookstores, and you have to use your Tablet, phone, or laptop to read the book.
  • It needs your total commitment if you want the system work for you.
  • You need to have a lot of patience and spend a lot of time to understand the program before you use it.


The Devotion System is the best program for women. By applying the techniques thought in the course can help you understand the man that you love the most and also helps you know yourself. It will make you the woman that your man cannot keep himself away, and you will allure men easily.

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