The Ex Factor Guide Review

The Ex Factor Guide Review

The Ex Factor is a program designed by Brad Browning. It is a comprehensive program that helps you get your ex back whether you are a woman wanting to get your ex-boyfriend back or a man wanting your ex-girlfriend back. It doesn’t matter why you broke up with your girlfriend or boyfriend in the first place, but there is always a better solution and a better approach to mend the relationship to get the spark back like the one you had once. That is what you get from this Ex Factor Guide, and the Ex Factor Guide review helps you understand the positive impacts of this program.

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What is The Ex Factor Guide?

The individual who was in love exactly know how the heartbreaks are. Well, they are adamant; in fact, they are absolutely horrible. The pain is intolerable, but that is going to change with this program. The Ex Factor Guide is a unique program that contains different versions for both women and men, and it helps you understand the ins and outs to a thriving relationship and teaches you how to get your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend back.

This program helps you fix your old relationship issues like fighting and jealousy. The program teaches you to use the best techniques that can help you mend the lousy relationship and change into the best one, and enables you to feel the love, profound bonding, relationship, and love passion with your loved one.

In both versions, you get a broad range of healthy and helpful techniques and tip to get your ex back. The program helps you to send text messages, improve your body language, how to use your voice tone, attractive personality to highlight, seduction strategies, and more. All these are divided into different segments within the program to make sure you can enjoy reading the book and helps you put the useful information into practice.

The Ex Factor Guide Video Preview

The Ex Factor Guide Video Preview – Both Versions

Who is the Author of The Ex Factor Guide?

Brad Browning is the author of the Ex Factor Guide. He is also an expert relationship coach from Vancouver, Canada. The author has ten years of experience and helped couples to repair and improve relationships. Brad Browning has been studying the particulars of relationships and the breakups psychology for many years, and now he is an expert on this particular subject.

Brad Browning is also a Sr. Editor at On this website, he has written quite a few articles about breakups and conflict resolution. He posts relationship issue videos on his YouTube channel. He has a lot of experience in this field, and he is considered as a love guru when it comes to relationships and love, and his postings are highly respected globally.

What is The Ex Factor Guide Included?

The Ex Factor Guide contains full of techniques and tips, and one of the best methods that help you load his or her brain with attraction hormone. This hormone helps them refresh their memory, their passion, and feeling towards their beloved ones. The hormone also helps to improve their desire upon their loved one to show how much they love their girlfriend or boyfriend before.

This program works by transferring a particular vibration to your loved one so she or he can feel how deep and true your feelings towards them. The most significant attainment is that your loved one will illustrate a considerable change by texting you more and displaying their love a lot more like before.

The Ex Factor Guide helps the individual who wants to fix their old relationship issues like fighting and jealousy. By using the system, you can convert the bad bonding into the best relationship so that you can feel the actual bonding, love relationship, and fascination with your loved one. There will be a lot of kind words like “I need you” and “I miss you” yet again that shows that the relationship is improving and is going to get better each day.

The Ex Factor Guide Example Packages for Women

The Ex Factor Guide offers several positive impacts, and there will be various positive side effects toward your loved one. For instance, your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend dreaming of you every day and all the time, and they will be waiting for your message. Also, they forget the time when you feel their body or arm just like before. Even if your ex is another relationship, they still think about you, and they start thinking that leaving you one of the biggest mistakes that they have ever done and they seriously want you back at any cost.

The outstanding results can be obtained by just applying 3 easy steps that will be guided by Brad Browning, the expert relationship coach. This program is actually a very useful and innovative way to get your loved one back without begging them to come back to you.

The Ex Factor Guide also offers you the best advice and assures that your ex is undoubtedly thinking about you and desperately wanting you back in their life. The guide is 160-pages program that contains several sections with easy-to-understand steps and helps you find out the actual cause behind your breakup and the methods that you can use to get your ex back into your life.

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Pros & Cons of The Ex Factor Guide


  • Easy-to-understand
  • Provide a lot of practical tips
  • Ensure to get the correct mental state to avoid probable depression and helps you gain mental strength
  • The guide is the best one-on-one breakup coach
  • Everything is provided in the guide, so you don’t need to worry about the next step
  • The guide is designed in such a way that it understands your stance and works accordingly
  • It helps you get motivated by providing the best examples of individuals who were successful in using these techniques


  • Some of these steps are not pertinent to everyone
  • The guide makes the guess that most of the breakups are happening due to lack of attraction or loss of interest
  • Some techniques in the manual seem to be ethically questionable


The Ex Factor Guide was created by Brad Browning, and expert relationship counselor and this guide have helped a lot of couples who want to mend their broken relationships. The Ex Factor Guide is the best and helpful book, which helps you understand the reasons for your breakup. If you think if the Ex Factor Guide is a Scam, then the answer is absolutely not, you can get a full refund if you are not satisfied with the program in sixty days.

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