The Lost Book of Remedies Review

The Lost Book of Remedies Review

The Lost Book of Remedies is a very helpful book that contains information on natural cures, remedies, and medicines that have been in use since ancient times. But, you might be wondering, why it is named “The Lost Book?” This is because the pharmaceutical industry overpowered the natural medicines and the individuals forgotten completely about the natural remedies and Mother Nature Health stores. That is why the author named the book ‘The Lost Book’ as it is exactly like finding a buried treasure. It is a treasure that contains natural cure and remedies that can help you cure any kind of health concerns and diseases. The Lost Book of Remedies review shows the importance of this treasure and this book is for everyone regardless of gender, age, and location.

Table of Content

What is The Lost Book of Remedies?

The Lost Book Of Remedies CoverThe book is very helpful and mostly a survival e-book that allows you to discover the techniques and tools and also natural remedies that are required during emergency time. This eBook is created by the famous author Claude Davis. He says, the lost book of remedies contains important medicinal herbs and how there are helpful. Also, it explains the ingredients that can really marvel your health and it protects you from all types of health conditions and risks. The best thing about this wonderful book is that it explains the best ways to produce your own herbs and medicines.

After reading The Lost Book of Remedies you will learn to grow medicinal plants and herbs in your own backyard so that you can use it instantly whenever you need them. The great advantage of this book is that it helps you improve your health and your loved ones’ health naturally. It helps you learn the best remedies that you can get from nature, and these secrets are known to only a few individuals. That is why the author wants to help every individual through this book and help them find nature’s secret to improve their health by growing the medicinal plants in their own backyard. Some people may doubt and feel if The Lost Book of Remedies is a Scam? Absolutely not, in fact, it is the most useful book that you will not find it anywhere else.

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Who is the Author of The Lost Book of Remedies?

The author of The Lost Book of Remedies is Claude Davis; he created this book by collecting a lot of useful information from the plant journal of his grandfather. Claude Davis’s grandfather was a doctor, who used the information noted in his journal to treat soldiers during WWII (World War II) and to treat others as well.

Claude Davis mentioned in his interview that he is sharing the information about natural remedies is because every individual should know the importance of herbs and medicinal plants. He said if you do not learn, then all these facts will fade away and they will remain in history, and that will be a total waste. If you are a US citizen, then you know how expensive the medical treatment is, even if you have health insurance. He says his grandfather treated many people because that was his profession. He never asked for payment, but many people paid him how much ever they could. The payment mode is not just cash sometimes people use to give a sack of potatoes, sometimes cash, and sometimes a couple of chickens. But, today, the scenario is different, unless you pay the fee, you will not get the treatment.

What is The Lost Book of Remedies Included?

The Lost Book of Remedies by Claude Davis offers you very helpful information about the medicinal plants that contain medicinal properties.

  • It helps you understand how to find different plants and teaches you how to extract the properties to obtain more benefits.
  • This eBook helps you understand how to protect from infections caused by Flu, Hepatitis C, B, A, Herpes, and other infections.
  • The book provides a list of anti-inflammatory plants and teaches you how to grow these plants and how to benefit from them.
  • Teaches how to grow medicinal plants effortlessly in your backyard.
  • Helps you understand the use and ways to heal a large range of health conditions and concerns.
  • These herbs can help you cure physical wounds, bug or snake bites, high blood pressure, burns, emotional instability, indigestion, mental issues, and more.
  • The book also provides the entire list of spices that you can include in your food while preparing to cure parasitic and viral issues and also to detoxify your body.
The Lost Book of Remedies ToC

The Lost Book of Remedies – Table of Content

As there are many varieties of plants listed in the book, the author has separated them into different categories, including:

  • Wild plants in huge plains
  • Backyard Weeds
  • Woodlands and Forests
  • Shrubs and Trees
  • Water-loving plants and coastal tropical plants
  • Household Remedies
  • Nationwide Plants

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Good & Bad Things of The Lost Book of Remedies

Good Things

  • The lost book of remedies contains 300 pages of helpful information on health conditions and remedies. Contains information on plants, herbs, and extract.
  • Contains images of some herbal and medicinal plants. The book has some HD photos.
  • This book can help you maintain the balance between lifestyle and fitness to a completely new level.
  • The treatments and remedies are totally natural and all the techniques mentioned in the book are 100 percent safe.
  • All remedies are affordable and worth spending money on the book.
  • Provides information on how to grow plants.
  • The book is available online or you can buy it in a store.
  • It comes with bonuses.
  • Sixty-days money back guarantee.

Bad Things

  • The treatment may not give quick results as you want.
  • The bonuses are not accessible in hard copy.


The Lost Book of Remedies is absolutely worth spending money as it is a real treasure that helps you find the secrets of nature. Also, it is the perfect option for those individuals who do not like to go with costly medications and treatments. The Lost Book of Remedies will help you get close to Mother Nature and helps you get some of its incredible hidden benefits through medicinal plants and herbs. This is one of the books that every individual must have it in their home.

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