The Smoothie Diet Review

The Smoothie Diet Review

The Smoothie Diet is a 21-day diet created by Drew Sgoutas. He created this Smoothie diet by germinating dozens of variations and imitations. The best thing about this diet is that if you can replace some of your meals with this 21-day Smoothie diet, then it can help you lose weight easily and quickly.

Like any other diet plan or weight loss plans, the Smoothie Diet plan also provides detailed information. As it is a balanced diet, this diet plan can help you lose weight; however, you have to check your portion size, and overall eating plan, if you can follow the plan, then in just a matter of time you will achieve your preferred weight loss goals.

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What is Smoothie Diet?

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The Smoothie Diet is a type of liquid diet that actually works for individuals who want to lose weight very seriously, and they want to lose in a healthy way. This smoothie diet is mainly designed for people who are always busy and who don’t have time to cook every meal. In this Smoothie Diet plan, you have to replace two main meals, if possible, skip breakfast and lunch and take Smoothies in its place.

Eat something solid and heavy at dinner time, but maintain low-calorie food. The creator of The Smoothie Diet, Drew Sgoutas also says that you can have a cheat meal once a week, but only a few suggested ones that are mentioned in the eBook. This is a 21-day diet plan filled with vitamins and nutrition and allows you to follow at any time to lose those extra pounds.

In Smoothie Diet, ingredients may vary, but it mainly contains vegetables and fruits, protein, and a couple of healthy fats. You can check out the solid meal food recipes in the eBook, and remember, avoid high-calorie meals; otherwise, you will not obtain the preferred results. The guide also provides information on some high-fiber and low sugar snack options.

The Smoothie Diet provides two plans, and the first plan is called ‘The Detox Plan.’ In this plan, you have to replace all 3-main-meals with nutritious smoothies that keep you full all through the day.

The second plan incorporates the 21-day plan, and here you have to replace two meals with a smoothie and eat one full meal along with some snacks.

Sometimes, you can modify the plan; it is called ‘flex-day’ where you can have two meals and a smoothie. However, this diet plan is not suggestible for people having food allergies. That is why it is vital to consult your doctor before starting any diet plan, including a smoothie diet.

The Smoothie Diet Video Preview
The Smoothie Diet – Video Preview

Many people suffer from the overweight problem, and no matter how hard they follow the diet plans, they will not see the required weight loss results. However, the Smoothie Diet plan is created for those people who are truly looking for solutions for their weight gaining issues. This diet plan helps you lose weight and gives you the preferred results in just a matter of 21-days.

There are many happy customers who tried this program and lost a few pounds without any difficulty.

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Who is the author of The Smoothie Diet?

The Smoothie Diet was created by Drew Sgoutas. He is also a health coach. He created this 21-day Smoothie Diet plan to help individuals who want to lose weight in a healthy way. This eBook contains recipes for 36 smoothies, shopping lists, and a 3-week schedule that show what type of smoothies you have to prepare every day. The author also offers a ‘detox-plan’ along with instruction and recipes for replacing 3-meals a day with delicious Smoothies for 3-days.

What is included in the Smoothie Diet?

The Smoothie Diet is one of the best diets that you find today as it creates a difference and helps you achieve your weight loss goals. Smoothie Diet is not just an eBook, but it is a proven 3-week health improvement and weight loss program. Smoothies Diet is completely different from other weight loss diet program, and you will learn the secret of this program once you try it.

The 3-week Smoothie Diet smoothies are made by particular order to maximize the weight loss results. For example, the element and nutrient ratios alter every day to ensure that the weight loss continues and stays off.

The Smoothie Diet Plan

  • Along with the Smoothie, you should take a very low-calorie diet with no fats.
  • Initially, the vegan diet would not be easy for those who are not used to it. The smoothie diet is completely different from other weight loss plans.
  • Skipping two meals and going on, only a smoothie diet gives you required weight loss results in no time.

This eBook is beneficial, and it is put together very well. The instructions are easy-to-follow and easy-to-understand. The program gives you the reasons why you should try this smoothie diet and highlights the advantages of drinking these special smoothies. Also, readers get tips on how to prepare smoothies, options, and recommendations.

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Pros & Cons of The Smoothie Diet


  • Less food tracking and calorie-counting
  • Emphasis on vegetables and fruits
  • Shopping lists included
  • Smoothie recipes included


  • High in sugar
  • Restrictive


The Smoothies Diet program is a 21-days diet plan. The eBook offers a day-to-day guide, a weekly grocery list, and guides you on how to make smoothies along with meals and snacks all through the day. There will be a weekly wrap-up after the end of each week, which contains motivational quotes and encouraging notes, also notes pages allows the readers to put their ideas and thoughts on the page.

The book is not just about preparing smoothies and recipes, but also it provides excellent recipes for different nutritious salads. The book is highly recommended for any individual who wants to start a nutritious diet plan as this smoothie diet plan offers several healthy and wonderful recipes and offers an extensive list of foods to help the individuals to prepare different methods every day.

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