Understand The Hero Instinct in Men

The hero instinct in men

Do men feel like heroes? Yes, most men do feel like heroes because they feel like they are needed for their women. The hero instinct in men is natural and innate, and you can easily find out why men desire the emotion of being needed through natural science.

If you go back to yesteryears or even now, you can observe that in every culture and country, men are protectors and fighters of their families. For instance, in earlier days, men use to hunt animals to feed their families and fight with other tribes or countries to extend their territory. The women folks are required for men to persist, and to take care of their children.

Usually, men use to take pride in providing food, shelter, and clothes for their women and children, and their families use to praise them for providing what they need.

Even today, in this western, modern world and lifestyle, most women stay at home to take care of their family while men will go for work to support their family. This culture still exists, but after the 1970s, women became more open, and they took control of their life and started to work to support their families.

Hero Instinct is a new concept that is captivating and spreading around social media, which is considered as a major thing in making men fall for their women and committing to a relationship after a long wait.

But, most of you want to know what the ‘Hero Instinct‘ is and how it can help you to be in a relationship. Well, the hero instinct ascended form a popular dating book called “His Secret Obsession.” The author of the book James Bauer introduced the word “Hero Instinct” in his book. The author is a relationship psychologist, and from the past 12 years, he helped thousands of men & women to strengthen their relationships. James Bauer also wrote, ‘What Men Secretly Want‘ before ‘His Secret Obsession’ book.

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What is the hero instinct?

Generally, you will have an image in your mind when you hear the word ‘hero.’ Like in movies, heroes are everywhere, and in movies, you will see a male character saving the people and becomes the center of the attraction, especially when he rescues women. The hero is brave, strong, and full of integrity.

Well, hero instinct in men is not exactly like in movies, and they don’t want to be a fictional hero. It is more about the biological need that men feel they are needed for their women and family.

According to the author, men are determined by three simple things in life that include:

  • To provide for his loved ones, including family, spouse, and friends.
  • To live a full and meaningful life, and he feels appreciated for his efforts.
  • To be appreciated and respected by his loved ones, friends, and family.

You will understands this instantly if you live or spend time with a man, each man is different, and they come in all sizes and shapes. However, these three basic biological urges that you find in all men as they are very commonly found in every man. Also, when a man loves someone, he will naturally become very protective of his loved one, this is a basic male instinct.

men and women heros

Men, when they love someone, they put all their courage together to protect them in any kind of situation, and they try to protect themselves in any condition and like to be your hero.

Research published in P & B (Physiology and Behavior) journal shows that the testosterone in men makes them feel defensive when it comes to the safety and well-being of their loved ones. The fact is if a man loves you unconditionally, then he always wants to protect you and safeguard you in any situation. Sometimes, men don’t show how much they love their partner, but you can easily see how protective he is.

Most men show their simple gestures to their loved ones that can touch their hearts deeply, and they can’t hide their love in any possible way. Also, most women make their men feel like a hero by appreciating what they are doing for the family. Women are natural caretakers, and they love their loved ones unconditionally, but they always give more importance to men and are always good been supporters of their men.

Also, for most men, the main carryout of the hero instinct is because most women make their men feel like they are needed to protect them, they will never make them feel unessential. However, you may not need to sea hero in your man, but you do want him to feel like a hero.

How to activate their hero instinct?

Being an independent woman is great, but most men feel insecure around independent women. So, to win your man, then make him feel that you need him and make him feel that he can only. This kind of behavior can help man trigger their hero instinct. Take his help when your car is broken down, tell him to do things like moving furniture while mopping.

Men feel like a hero when they are involved in making decisions, and when women ask their opinion, it activates their heroism and makes them feel needed.

When women thank their men a lot, they will value them more. You should thank him even for a small task, thank him for everything. You should show appreciation when he drops you to work, when he cleans the house or take care of a garden, or even when he cooks a meal for you.

To activate the hero instinct in man, you should make your guy feel like he is your hero and make him feel that you are incomplete without him. Also, don’t take him granted as most men do not positively.


Men fall for those women who make them feel that they are needed. When a man feels like a real hero in the eyes of a woman, he shows his unending loyalty to her.

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