What Men Secretly Want Review

What Men Secretly Want Review

What Men Secretly Want: It may be a common scenario that most women can’t understand men’s feelings or their reaction to a certain situation. It is why many couples experience issues while they are in a relationship, and worst, they end up giving up without getting the right answers. It is not a secret that men and women act and think differently, and with the help of What Men Secretly Want review, women will be able to find solutions and understand their counterpart without risking their relationship.

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What Is What Men Secretly Want?

What Men Secretly Want is a program containing a 137-page eBook and audio file that teaches the secret that men really want. Its goal is to bridge the gap between two opposite sex and give women the idea of how to deal with men’s behavior. It was said that women should respect men if they need to be loved. They care about getting respect than receiving love. This program enables women to realize the things that will either cause conflict or build a relationship.

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Who Is The Author Of What Men Secretly Want?

What Men Secretly Want was developed by a renowned relationship coach, James Bauer. He has extensive experiences in dealing with psychology studies that can be useful to humans. By using the facts and behavior he saw on many men, he was able to combine all to come up with a unique program that will help women understand their men counterparts.

With the insights provided by James, the program was created to fill the communication gap between men and women. It reveals the unspoken words or questions that women want to learn. It addresses the issues that many relationships lack by letting them understand how men think, feel, act, and react to a specific problem. They want to get respect, and if they were able to receive it, then it will be easy for them to provide the love that women always seek.

What Is What Men Secretly Want Included?

Chapter 1 – The Single Most Powerful Factor That Will Determine Relationship Success

Introducing the Respect Principle, James diligently explains why men easily give up in a relationship. He will guide you on how to avoid this issue from arising, which is a better way to save your partnership.

Chapter 2 – Your Secret Barometer for Success

James taught how men value respect just like the way women want to be loved. You will learn how to be submissive, and if you succeed, you will see and feel its effects.

Chapter 3 – Double His Desire for a Committed Relationship

This chapter provides insights that will help you recover when you are already experiencing some issues which you thought has no remedy already. James will lead you to handle the situation while your partner seems to change his behavior.

Chapter 4 – Stop Being Interested and Get Interested

By using the scientific evidence that James has gathered, he will teach you how to be a woman that a man would desire. Learn the behavior that would help you catch the attention of your partner.

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What Men Secretly Want – Table of Content

Chapter 5 – Get a Guy to Commit: Increase Attraction While Setting Standards

In this chapter, James will also teach you on how to set the stage for you and your partner to earn both love and respect.

Chapter 6 – How to Unlock His Emotions and Get Him to Open Up

Commonly, men prefer to be silent that open up about their feelings. This chapter aims to fill the communications gap so they can talk about how they feel in a certain situation. In that way, you can prevent any issue before it arises because you are able to discuss it with him.

Chapter 7 – How Can You Find Quality Men?

Several times of dating won’t identify if the man is the perfect person who can live with you forever. This chapter aims to help you determine the right man based on your goal. It will prevent the occurrence of any heartbreak because you have already anticipated his personality before you completely fall in love. James will guide you if it’s time for you to stay away from the guy or know him even more.

Chapter 8 – Meet Your Avatar

You will surely agree that most women don’t even know the right man who will perfectly fit the personality that they are seeking. This chapter will help you with your decision by letting you figure out who is meant for you.

Chapter 9 – Places and Situations to Avoid

There are specific places or situations that you need to avoid if you want your plans or goals would come true. James will give ideas on how the guy will notice or approach you if you think that you have already found him.

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Good & Bad Things of What Men Secretly Want

Good Things

  • What Men Secretly Want include easy-to-follow steps to ensure that it is suitable for beginners. Both the PDF eBook and MP3 audio guidelines are helpful when you don’t know where to start or how your complicated questions will be answered in a simple way.
  • Users will get a 60-day money back guarantee, which is the best quality that What Men Secretly Want scam doesn’t have.
  • The program was created based on the actual scientific research conducted by an expert with a credible name in psychology studies.

Bad Things

  • Most women who get this offer expect that this program will help them manipulate men. Well, it is worth noting that it only serves as a guideline and not a shortcut to get what they actually want.
  • What Men Secretly Want is not the right program for you if you think that you cannot find the time to read the entire 137-page eBook or listen to the audio.


There are many situations in the world that we cannot explain or understand. What Men Secretly Want reveals one of the most complicated issues that can ruin a relationship. It implies that men want respect for them to return it by loving you unconditionally. Spend some time to read or listen to the guideline if you are going to get a valuable perspective that you can use to strengthen your bond with someone you love.

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