Why Is He Ignoring Me?

Does he suddenly start ghosting you? Did you find it difficult to figure out what mistake you made that cause him to ignore you? Is there anything you can do to stop him from ignoring? This article will help you to figure out the reason why your guy is ignoring you. Here are some precautions that you should take to stop him from ignoring you.

Why is he ignoring me

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You are working much harder than he is.

Human beings are allergic to debts. The relationship should have mutual investment, respect, and accountability. Balancing them always is not an easy task and not at all possible all the time. We make mistakes, we learn from them, but the sad part is you will lose your value soon. The most probable reason that he is ignoring you may be, you are scheduling time for him a lot than yourselves. People have the habit of repaying debts. They don’t want to bear more than they deserve.

Thus if he is not in a position to schedule some time for you, then you spent time for him makes him uncomfortable in all situations. It lowers your value, and he will ignore you more. The main reason may be he doesn’t have to invest more in the relationship. He might not be giving any serious accountability for your relationship with you.

Are you sure he is ignoring you?

Is he not picking up your call? Is he not replying to your text messages? Don’t assume that he is ignoring you. Maybe he is not the type of guy who spends e-dating. Rather he could prefer a personal meet-up. Or he may be busy with his friends and family. There could be many reasons why he is not responding to your texts and calls.

Maybe he is not doing it intentionally. He minds his business. If you came to know that he is online but still refuse to reply to your texts. He is answering all other’s phone calls and not answering yours for many days. Then you may confirm that he is ghosting you for sure.

Did you ever scare him?

Did you ever scare him with your approach? It may be anything like introducing him to your parents, relatives, and friends and or posting the pictures of you both together on social media. See, it may be a usual thing for you, but it doesn’t mean he will feel the same way as you did.

Maybe you are taking some advantage in such situations. It may scare him that he never had feelings for you as much as you did. He might be thinking that you two were leading a good friendship. So, your behavior makes him afraid that he may lose your friendship. This causes him to ignore you, and so he will spend less time with you. He will keep you stay in the friend zone forever.

To overcome this issue, try to understand his expectations of you and share the things in social media that are common to both of you only after consulting him. Don’t go too fast in your relationship, and don’t drag him with you. Give him some space.

He is going through something.

If you both are dating for so long and suddenly he disappeared. Never assume that he is ignoring or avoiding you. You know what type of relationship you had with him. You may have known him socially and somewhat personally. It may be easy for you to figure out the issue and fix it as soon as possible.

But if he is disappearing all of a sudden, then it might be the case that he is going through some emotional or financial struggle. Before deciding that he is ghosting, you try to understand his real situation. There could cause some personal issues in his family. Maybe he is stuck financially.

He is embarrassed with you

If your background is not similar to him, say, for example, you may belong to a rich family and have many rich friends. He may be from the middle class. Your surrounding may be new to him. He may be embarrassed with you and your friends. He may feel uncomfortable when he is in your place. This will drive him to feel low. To avoid that feeling, he might start ignoring it in the first place.

He might be dating someone

This is where a player comes into play. If he is ghosting you for months and you see him in a shopping mall with another girl. Then he is into a new relationship. But you should confirm that before asking him about the new relationship. Just because he is dating you, it does not mean he must commit with you.

Maybe he has considered you as an option. You just deal with it in your way. From his perspective, he doesn’t want to hurt you. The very clear option is to ghost you. He is probably a player. You don’t have to be in his game anymore. Have some self-respect and move on.

He is bored now

Have you both tired of going to the same places and doing the same things together for a long time. Then it is time for him to settle down or explore furthermore.

If you are not in a position to satisfy his need, then he will switch his focus. He is getting bored with spending time with you and doing the same stuff. He knows you like him but doing the same things over and over again could make him feel bored. So does he will ignore you for sure.


Human beings are at our best when we support each other, not when we cancel each other for past mistakes. There is nothing wrong with making mistakes, but if you keep repeating them without knowing that you are wrong, then you should pay for it later or sooner.

So, try to figure it out as soon as possible and learn from your mistake to build a healthy relationship. We hope this article helps you to figure out your mistakes. Keep learning and keep growing.

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